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In my house we watch a lot of sports. My wife and I both played sports growing up. The kids have played many sports, all of their lives. Sports, not much gets better.

To compete, to go after something, only to lose, or to win. It’s healthy. There’s nothing better for a person who competes, to learn both sides of that coin. Preparation, planning, and execution, all measured, all with feedback. What a way to learn.


The twins snuggled on me for the second half and overtime of last night’s miraculous Super Bowl comeback win by the Patriots. (C) 1inawesomewonder 2017.

Then, add humility and grace, hopefully gained along the way. Wow, nothing better than that. True champions, the best of competitors, understand how fine the line is between winning and losing. They humbly recognize how closely related, winning and losing can be. The true competitors learn to graciously accept the result, either way, after leaving it all on the field of battle. It’s beautiful.

These things said, I must admit that I, we, do get caught up in the thrill of competition here. Recently, the twins and I may have been late to school as we got up and watched the end of the Nadal vs. Dimitrov match in the Australian Open semi-final. Then, after last night, with the twins snuggled on me for the entire second half and my wife beside me, we were a little sluggish this morning.

I did watch the last two Patriots drives again this morning, this time without the symptoms of a sports heart attack. Miraculous.

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

I thought about Thanksgiving quite a bit, as I laid in bed late last night.

And I thought reflection in humility would serve well the left or the right.

We have one voice that I hope we all cared enough to thoughtfully use.

Aftermath then, justification through pontification, just an modish excuse.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This link is from 2011, but pertinent still, I feel.


God Bless the USA, Let’s Pray

I don’t need science to tell me that meditation repairs brain matter

Just bow your head and talk to Him, void of all the societal chatter


See, there are places all around you can find a spot filled in silence

Here, at least for now, my walk and talk with Jesus, is my license


Go to some quiet place, exhale, bow in reverence, and just pray

List every little thing you are thankful for if you need words to say


Ask with respect, Lord please give me direction in these areas of life

Better yet, kneel beside your bed together, praying, husband and wife


Then maybe look inside yourself, find the hidden, and set it free

Talk with Him about it, all of it, don’t open your eyes, and you’ll see


It’s okay to ask Him for help here, where else would you rather go

There’s always an answer whether we understand or not, God knows


Which came first the Power of the Almighty or the power of repentance

I know it changes hearts, much less the obvious, our countenance


Pray at length for our leaders instead of complaining about him or her

We all long for the way that it was, so bend a knee, that’s how we were


Bring your grievances to the bench of the Supreme Judge in humility

Don’t carry them another day, have faith, it’ll be better for you, and we


It’s heard across this great land less and less, God Bless the USA

Maybe we’re the problem, let’s find a place, bow our heads, let’s pray

Thanks #25 (Sports)

I am thankful for sports. I have spent thousands of hours playing, practicing, teaching, watching, and dreaming in sports. Through sports I learned disciplines. I learned teamwork. I learned respect. I learned how to get along with others. I learned what it meant to be a part of something bigger than myself. I learned how to compete. I learned how to win and lose graciously. I learned motivation and preparation. I learned that nobody else is going to do it for me, and that I’m entitled to nothing. I learned that my skills were proportionately related to the work I put into practicing. I learned humility. I have learned a lot of things through sports. I have experienced many highs, lows, triumphs, and defeats, through sports. I have traveled to many, many places through sports. I have met so many tremendous people through sports. Even now, as I play less and less, sports are a big part of my life, of my kids lives, and I’m thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving in my words

I know this is late according to the calendar. Is it ever late to be thankful? I guess there are times when it would be. Hopefully this isn’t one of them. Happy Thanksgiving in my words.

The following are some definitions of the word ‘happy’:

  • feeling or showing pleasure, contentment, or joy
  • causing or characterized by pleasure, contentment, or joy
  • feeling satisfied that something is right or has been done right
  • willing to do something
  • resulting unexpectedly in something pleasant or welcome
  • used in formulae to express a hope that somebody will enjoy a special day or holiday

The following are some definitions of the words ‘thanks’ and ‘thanksgiving’:

  • an expression of gratitude for something
  • a prayer that offers thanks to God
  • an expression or an act of giving thanks
  • a public acknowledgment or celebration of divine goodness

So maybe I would say, in my words, a joyous contentment in expressing gratitude. Or maybe pleasant satisfaction in publicly celebrating divine goodness.

When I dig to the core of the meaning of Happy Thanksgiving to me, I truly get to a place of content, of joy, of genuine gratitude and an internal celebration of divine goodness. It’s not about the stuff, or the things; all of which I can’t take to heaven anyways. It’s about the times that could have been worse, but they weren’t. It is about the times that were so amazing in a moment when I felt the least deserving. It is about the wondrous warmth and goodness in people when so many seem hard and cold at times. It’s about my family and loved ones. We didn’t pick our families, I am so glad God did it for us. It’s the joy of being a dad, being needed, as shown by the look in my baby’s eye or in the calm they feel in my arms. It’s the beauty of the quiet, distant moments with my wife when all the world seems miles away. It’s as plain or as magnificent as the simplicity of walking outside from a crowded place, full of hustle and bustle, into a dark evening where the sound of the silent snow falling is deafening, and beckons my mind to visit dozens of warm memories that just seconds before, were miles from view. Content. Happy with how things are, in any moment, or in all moments.

We have so much to be thankful for. Every moment there is something. Sometimes it’s the moment itself to be thankful for. I mean think about how life would be if we stopped more often, throughout each day, even for a second, to be thankful for something in our lives. Maybe it is a physical thing, or maybe it’s a moment today, that we didn’t have the day before. I think life would be far more rewarding than it already it is. I think we would proceed differently, slightly at first. As time and our commitment to genuine thankfulness wore on, the course would be dramatically altered. I can’t imagine that overall respect for one another as human beings wouldn’t improve. I would like to think that gratification could return to being a word that stands alone and no longer had to tag along with the word instant. Hey I know changing the course dramatically seems far-fetched, I just don’t think that being more thankful is that far-fetched. Neither is the time it would take to be more thankful. A conscious thought to allow for a moment to recognize a feeling of joy or content for something already present in your life. We spend more time trying to remember the name of a song than we do being present and thankful for just one of the many things we have to be thankful for.

Say thank you more often. Mean it. Look inside yourself and check to see just how thankful you are. Once you have identified how much gratitude you feel, let it be seen in your eyes, heard in your voice, and felt in your hug or handshake. If you cannot find the level of gratitude that should be present, then think on it some more and figure out what mental block is keeping you from gratitude. Get over the block and express gratitude or celebrate divine goodness, but don’t dismiss it.

I know, it’s late, but Happy Thanksgiving in my own words.