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Hand Held

Honestly, I planned to be asleep by now. Before I went upstairs to turn in for the night, I looked back. I looked back on some poems I had written over the last year. These poems I’ve tried to neatly collect electronically within my blog. Some include pictures that I’ve tied to the words. Then I came across this one and everything stopped. The TV showing hockey highlights in the background seemed suddenly useless. The hour now equally unimportant. I love the picture. But perhaps, even as wordy as I can get, I might not ever find the room, the length, or even the words worthy of the flood of thought and memory that resonates within me when I see this picture. If ever there was a place in my heart that another ever held, my Aunt Janette still occupies a special space there. If you care to gain further understanding, look under the Tributes section of this blog and look for Aunt Janette. I’ll be here enjoying the memories associated with this picture for a while. Wishing again to be hand held.

In good hands


Capturing Christmas Trees

This past Saturday we went to a friend’s house in Bow, NH to get our Christmas Tree. We got the tree in exchange for some help with other trees and the promise of some future help with work around her property. This truly is a Griswold-esque tree. It measured 12 feet tall, had a bird’s nest in it, has it’s own pine cones, and was at least 7 feet across the base branches. Naturally, that is the tree we chose. The boys did the work on this one. It wasn’t as easy as pulling into a lot, picking a tree, bagging it, and having it tied on the top of the vehicle, but I wouldn’t trade it for a second.

022 (1280x853)

The boys work on bringing down the tree. To be honest, all three of us took turns under the spread of branches, some there to work, others for fun, and because they could.