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Fortunate dad

Today capped a 36 hour blitz of a couple of Division I schools who are interested in having Ryan transfer to their school next fall. Ryan, my 18-year-old son, is a freshman catcher at Ohlone College in Fremont, California. His play there has generated some interest in some Eastern schools who are looking for a catcher with game experience for next fall.

We drove about 500 miles yesterday and did another 325 today just to visit a couple of schools. This, after Ryan got home at about 2am Monday morning after flying all day from San Jose, CA to Burbank, CA to Las Vegas, NV to Manchester, NH. So it almost goes without saying, he is beat! I did all the driving these last two days to help him out. I am exhausted, he is exhausted, but we had a great time. He flies back to California on Saturday so I have been really fortunate to get so much time with him the last two days.

The two school visits we did were both excellent. Both coaches are quite interested in Ryan and Ryan is interested in these two programs. It’s nice to see the effort he continues to put in every day is paying off for him. He wants to be the best, and he works harder than most to get what he wants.

We already have 3 more visits lined up for when he gets home on his Christmas break, and that number may grow. As long as I can help, I am in. Miles and miles equal minutes and hours of time I will never have again. I will take it every time. Driving 160+ miles home tonight I struggled with my suddenly heavy eyelids, but I beat them. Ryan caught some naps along the ride home. In between, we talked, we laughed, we talked pros and cons, we made more plans for more schools, we spent time together. Over the next couple of days when I yawn or sigh, just being over tired, I know that inside I will grin a little grin because I know I am a proud and fortunate dad.