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What Did You Do Today?

It was you I came to see, I chose this to do with my day
In tears, I left, just how much do these troubles weigh

Tone, I can handle some, but I tripped over the string,
The slim grasp of matter from where the words you sling

Love is hard sometimes, but it’s always better than the dark
Where the evil dwell, taking aim to hit their mark

I can’t put myself in your skin, in kindness I visit each time
Are we that close to the end, there’s no telling what we’ll find

Looking for a sliver in the shredded mound left of hope
Measured, I smile, looking for my way along the tightrope

My eyes peer down, lit with love, and warmth inherited
Objective, careful, and with respect, I thought, words merited

Maybe God’s will and the plan in that mind are the same
I know for sure there’s no one across from you to blame

So, wearily I’ll lay my head to rest long after the sun has set
Thinking on you, my last thoughts long for your rest, you can bet