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2016 Election From A Small State Where It All Begins

It’s after 1am. I am wide awake. I couldn’t sleep if I wanted to. Not now anyways. This election for the President of the United States is not over, yet. Sitting here, I can still see Hillary Clinton pulling this out, and I can also see Donald J. Trump winning this election. Time will tell, and soon (hopefully).

Unfortunately, I have spent too much time on social media recently, mostly reading what others are saying. As I read comments, and more comments that are liked by the friends that I have who clearly have voted for Clinton, and the establishment; I am actually shocked. As I hypothetically apply such commentary to me personally, I am mortified at the things, names, titles, stereotypes, etc. that would be applied to me as a person. Now, in a different breath, I am certain that many, if not all, of these people who I know, do not see me as any of those things. Furthermore, regardless of the result in this election, I would shake hands with, or give a warm, welcoming hug to these people, were I to see them tomorrow. So, I battle the predicament of taking things personally, while pursuing what I hold dearest to me.

I didn’t write it, but I started to do so several times in the last few weeks. With the diversity found within our borders in this day and age, I find it nearly impossible that any one candidate could perfectly encapsulate, in platform, everyone’s best interest, or even one person’s. So that makes me wonder how outrageous and, quite frankly, frightening some of the commentary has been.

This is where I have to wonder how differently people see our country. I want to be proud of the United States of America, and mean it. I want our country to be great now, then, again, always. I want our people to be as safe as they can be. I value our veterans immensely, and they should be better cared for, always. I want my kids, and their kids, to be safe, and to have a place where Americans can get work, and perform in fields of employment with the best in the entire world. I do want one flag. One country. One God. I want us to be indivisible, maintaining liberty, and justice for all.

I have said for many years, that it is no mistake that the greatest organizations in the history of the world, have one thing, among other things, in common; and that is good leadership, good people, in positions, making good decisions. Personally, I feel as though our country has slacked off in this area, at an alarming rate for many, many years. I certainly don’t know what the future holds, but I do like hope.

As we pass 2am here in the East, one thing is absolutely certain; people are fed up with the way that politics have been done, and for some time now. At this point, only God knows who our next president will be. And I am good with that. God is the One I go to for help on these matters. Prayer, sincere, reverent prayer, when my ego, my plan, and my desires are shelved just to talk with God; this is when a clear, peaceful mind emerges. That is a good thing.

I am not against any one of any color, sex, or heritage being our president. Period. There is nothing to read into here. Listen, I am not a Hillary Clinton fan. She doesn’t come across to me as a loving, caring, sincerely interested in much outside of herself, type of person. Quite frankly, neither does Donald Trump. For the last two months, Hillary has told us in her ads and empty speeches, not specifically what she will do, and worse, she has stepped on opponents in an attempt to raise herself up. That last point is the only commercial loop I have seen from her for weeks and weeks. I get it, Trump is no angel either. To each of us, some things resonate, and other things do not.

After much prayer and research on the facts, and the promises yet to be kept, it became clear in which direction I would go.

So, here it is, in my own words, my own thoughts. I don’t know how you were raised, but I do know how many of my friends were raised. I see it like this. In my day, the household, especially us teens at the time, were always a little fearful when Dad was coming home, after we had been acting up. Because Dad would get the report from Mom, and discipline would follow, and guess what, rightfully so. Well, my friends, and each of you, in my opinion, we, the USA, have been acting up for some time. Whether or not Mr. Trump wins this election, people are fearful because just the thought of the instrument of correction coming back to the United States has turned this election into a dead heat that almost nobody saw coming. Correction and discipline in our society, it is so badly needed. Our quite imperfect founding fathers would be laughing at us for becoming the soft, whiney, entitled country that we have become. I don’t want that for us, for any of us. The left, the right, whatever, I want America to be great again, for every one of us. We may live in a great lifestyle, with freedoms that we enjoy, yet we are a still a shadow of what we once were, as a country.

Well, there you have it. I went there. A political piece on a night that won’t end. I haven’t said a whole lot to anyone about this stuff, so here, I share my opinion, or at least some of it. Thank you for your patience, from a small state in the northeast.