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My little sponges

My little sponges Jacqueline and Theodore while playing in the family room this morning, were carrying on as if completely alone. First, Jacqueline, while carrying a stuffed animal dog, was babbling lyrics. In this order, speaking, not singing, while holding the dog, and working around the play kitchen. Followed by some random interactions this morning.

Little town
Quiet village
The B-I-B-L-E
That’s the book for me
I stand alone on the word of God
The B-I-B-L-E
Little town
Quiet village
Was blind
But now I see
Yellow, black and white
Little town
Quiet village
Rock a baby
Tree top
Wind breaks
The cradle will fall
Down come baby
Cradle and all
Hey, brother!
Dinner time!
It’s eat time!

Theodore: Sister! Feed the dog!
Jacqueline: feed the dog?
T: yes, sister.
J: okay, here dog. (Forcing a spoonful of imagination into the dog’s mouth)
T: I made a donut. (Holds it up and takes a loud bite, sounding like a dog’s bark)
T: all done, sister.
J: I take a nap. (Climbs onto the couch with dog and a dolls blanket)
T: Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! (As he touches every single button on the play kitchen)

T: There’s a bug-gie in there! A bug-gie!
J: Where T-Uh-dore?
T: Over there (pointing)
J: Ummm, I don’t see it. All gone.
T: It died
J: Ya, it died.

T: I take a break
J: take a break?
T: ya
J: I take a break too (they both lay down on couch cushions they’ve placed on the floor)

My two little sponges. Jacqueline and Theodore. They don’t miss anything we say or do. They soak it up and let us see what they’ve learned in random bursts like this morning. Priceless. (photo by Erin Beal)

This might be why couch pillows go flat

I am not sure I have enough proof here, but here goes. Aside from watching this little tale unfold with my own two eyes, I think the pictures tell the story. I find it interesting that the stash of “fluff” was not only, not hidden, but was at an elevated view. Theodore is seen trying to return the “fluff” back to the pillow I think. Jacqueline was proudly guarding the stash. Meanwhile the victim pillow was left in the wake, on its own to zip itself closed at a less than full status. Upon dad intervening both of the twins readily handed over the remaining “fluff” they had clenched in their growing fists. I returned the “fluff” to the victim pillow amid the verbal urging of Jacqueline, who was saying “shzip, shzip, shzip”. I finished the brief surgical procedure and the twins both clapped as if their relinquishing the “fluff” was a noble act worthy of praise.


This is the victim pillow, left open to more pillaging


Theodore makes a mad dash to return the evidence


Jacqueline guards (loosely) the accumulating pile of "fluff" while Theodore grabs more. (Notice she wipes her hands free of the evidence)