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Sunday Series – Above the noise

This is just a short poem I wrote. It’s inspired by some recent conversations that I have been apart of and also by the song by Casting Crowns. It’s simple I suppose. But it means a lot to me; even deeper than I am able to convey. I hope you can read between the lines and understand where this is coming from. Merry Christmas from above the noise.

Above the noise

This is about the season and the song 

It’s Christmas time and I have to say

Give me some peace and quiet time 

Decrease noise, so we can reflect and pray


I climb higher to the sacred ground

Where I can hover above the noise

To me this is where we should be

All about the Son and songs, not toys


I heard the bells on Christmas Day

Not the ones heard begging for things

But bells celebrating our Lord’s birth

When children and angels all sing


Their old familiar carols play

Sounds so divine, not for show

We sing, as one with the words

Faith to some, but you and I know


And mild and sweet their songs repeat

The message heard but too often ignored

Melodies dance from the tips of tongues

These words celebrate the birth of our Lord


Of peace on earth, good will to men

Most defy somehow each day

Peace means quiet and tranquility

Let there be peace, here, let us stay