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The Red Sox have Boston singing in the streets

Unlike the at bats of a Red Sox hitter, I will keep this short and sweet. But then, I may just foul off a few pitches, lay off a tough pitch just outside the zone, and work the faithful into a frenzy with a timely hit.

It occurred to me recently, as I sang along with the words that I think I know from “Tessie”, that Boston loves to sing.

From McGreevey and the Royal Rooters from more than 100 years ago all the way up to the Fenway Faithful belting out “…every little thing is gonna be alright…“. Quite often I will sing the National Anthem with the twins to start our day on the way to school. Boston loves to sing the anthem too. In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, Boston sang. The Garden sang. These still bring tears to my eyes. Okay, actually they make me cry, completely.

Then for fun, I sing, “Take me out to the ballgame” with the kids all the time. And, for fun, Boston sings some more. Then there’s “Sweet Caroline”. A lot of people don’t like that Boston fans sing these songs. But, then I remember, it’s a game, it’s fun, and letting moments wash over me in my favorite ballpark ever, are better for me than had I not experienced them. Boston, all summer long, nightly, sings. Then there’s “Dirty Water” and “Shipping up to Boston”, and even “God Bless America”. Then there are fans who sing on the field. This video has been seen around the world. There are so many more.

Last night Boston was treated to something that had not been seen in 95 years, the home team winning the World Series on their home field. The Red Sox won their 3rd Championship in ten seasons and there was singing in every corner of Red Sox Nation through the night.

Last night I sang from my family room with the Dropkick Murphy’s as they sang the National Anthem. I shouted along with my TV when Victorino came to the plate. I participated in singing “Sweet Caroline” during the 8th inning. I celebrated and strained to hear The Standells above the roar of Fenway after Carpenter went down swinging. I watched the celebration and listened to player after player talk about, team, work, approach, belief, trust, and the will to win. Then I dozed off, smiling, and respectfully thinking of the players, fans, and generations that never saw any such thing in an 86 year span.

This morning started like most others do. Everyone scurrying to get to where they need to be, on time. On the ride to school the twins asked me to sing my special song, which is the National Anthem. I sang it, they filled in words where they knew to, or copied me. I smiled a little brighter and a little longer between words this morning, because I am a Boston Red Sox fan, and my favorite team won the World Series. Later today, if the mood strikes me, and I think it will, I may just bust out a few lines of “We are the Champions”. #bostonstrong

The BoSox and the B’s

I know there’s a lifetime of hockey yet to play this season, or so it would seem. So I tread lightly here as I write on this subject. I have thought on this often and recently a brief online conversation prompted me to post this piece. I have many thoughts here and could approach the subject from a few different angles. So here it goes, in my own opinion and style.


Red Sox: Meddlesome? Hands on. Center of attention even when pleading with the public that they are not the center of attention. Can’t get out of their own way.
Bruins: Have been accused of being too distant, to quiet, and for not caring enough about the team. Certainly not the center of attention. Actually lets the management manage the team.


Red Sox: In title only it would seem, which is not management’s fault, but rather a statement of the ownership’s position.
Bruins: Appear to have a unified idea of who they want, how they want them to play, and the ability to make corrections without knocking the train of its tracks.

Coaching staff:

Red Sox: Who knows? Ownership just fired the best manager in franchise history.
Bruins: Consistent. Boring at times. They win and they are going to play everyone on the roster any given night.

leadership in competition:

Red Sox: They have a couple of guys who lead by example in everything they do. 2011 looked like most players were in it for themselves if they felt like it. Nobody led those gone astray back into the fold though.
Bruins: Strong leadership on the ice and every member of the team appears to ‘get it’. Recchi taught for a couple of years on the ice. It appears they learned well. 


Red Sox: Even Daisuke Matsuzaka’s team of interpreter’s couldn’t have defined this word for the Sox in 2011. They have shown it in the World Series runs but that looks like a distant black and white photo now.
Bruins: The biggest reason the Bruins are defending Stanley Cup Champs, other than maybe a Catamount Alum who played on a different planet last year. They play well at both ends of the ice.


Red Sox: Maybe the most talented team in baseball last season. If not, they’re close. Maybe they’re too left-handed at the plate. Lost the franchise’s best ever closer to Philly. Certainly didn’t implode last season because they weren’t good enough.
Bruins: No superstars here. Yet. Solid skills. They are full of role players that play their roles better than most of their competition. Goaltending can be other-worldly on any, if not many, nights. Best five-on-five team in the NHL for a couple of years now.


Red Sox: They have some characters alright. Even in the middle months when they had the best record in baseball this area seemed to be lacking. The pitching staff quit on this team. Speaking of chemistry, they somehow figured out a lab experiment that equaled the greatest implosion in sports history.
Bruins: Everyone has everyone else’s back and there’s no waiting or wondering when a teammate will step up. It’s as instantaneous as needed. See reaction to Horton receiving a cheap shot in Game 3 of the Cup Finals. B’s won 8-1 and four of the last five games. They had clutch play everywhere. Haven’t forgotten the lessons: Last night, Thomas gets run, Campbell drops ‘em, Bruins win.

Well at least that’s how I see it, a little piece about the BoSox and the B’s.