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Miramichi Beauty

A favorite picture of mine. I took this picture in October 2013, one on of my favorite ‘road-trip’ days ever.

Ted Williams fish camp

The Miramichi River from Ted Williams’ Fishing Camp


Bruins Win! Bruins Win!

Maybe I was 12 years old, standing on a small sheet of ice, not much bigger than a couple of puddles strung together. I had boots on my feet because I didn’t own skates, but many days I skated like the wind. Nearby was a completely home-made hockey net. It wasn’t the right size, or even symmetrical. To me though, it was perfect, and the crease was the place where you entered the Hall of Fame. I had an old Sher-Wood hockey stick and a battered puck. If I didn’t have a puck, or had lost one, I used a frozen tennis ball. Continue reading