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Ottawa 2 – January 25: Flames 1 vs. Kitchener Jr. Rangers 0

The Flames played their second game of the 9th Annual Capital Winter Classic Tournament vs. the Kitchener Jr. Rangers. To the point, the Flames won 1-0 in a thrilling, tightly contested hockey game. The game was played on an Olympic sized ice sheet and the extra 15 feet of width did make a difference. The additional room to move East-West allowed teams to get back on defense, break up more plays through the neutral zone, and forced much of the play to the area between the face off circles from one end to the other. The other impact the extra room had been the ability of either team to clear the puck from their own end. This has been a sore spot for this Flames team all year, and tonight was no different. Let’s get to it.
1st Period: The two teams spent most of the first period getting a feel for each other, while trying to hit each other effectively, and trying not to laugh at an obnoxiously loud Ranger fan who was clearly yelling to be heard, but not actually cheer. The period ended scoreless and pretty even. The Flames got six shots to the Rangers four. Both teams each had one penalty.
2nd Period: The second period saw only 7 shots in total, and fortunately for the Flames, one of those shots found the back of the Ranger net. After sustaining pressure for the length of their shift, the Flames finally cashed in. Wil Hebert got the goal, after he, Ryan Douthart, and Sam Hebert had cycled the puck and generated a couple of shot attempts. It was one of those hard-working goals that makes a team feel good about working so hard. In a game that was scoreless for more than 22 minutes, a game that featured tight checking and few offensive chances, this goal coerced an eruption of applause and emotion from the Flames faithful. The period would end with the Flames leading 1-0.
3rd Period: The final period was a tale of two halves. The first half of the period was owned by the Flames, getting 7 shots on goal in the first six minutes, but no goals. Then at somewhere around the 6:00 mark the puck entered the Flames defensive end and it didn’t leave for a long, long time. After numerous chances, from numerous players, the Flames, clinging to a one goal lead, could not get the puck out of their own end. Finally, with 4:09 left to play, the Flames iced the puck. At 3:44 Jackson Puzzo was called for boarding. Four seconds later Keenan Alnahas made a great save to hold the lead. At 3:27 the Flames iced the puck, but were short handed and this marked the first time the puck had been successfully cleared in more than two and a half minutes. Let me tell you, that 150 seconds felt like an hour or more watching the Flames battling for the puck, defending their net, trying to clear, killing a penalty, while holding a 1-0 lead in a tournament game in Canada. At 3:09 the Flames got a shot goal while short handed. At 1:42 a Kitchener shot hit the post. At 1:05 Kitchener pulled their goalie. At 0:57 the Flames were called for icing as Sean Moore’s clearing attempt glanced off of the post of the open net and slid wide, and across the goal line. At 0:46.5 the Flames iced the puck again. Finally the horn sounded and the Flames won the game 1-0. Goaltenders, Anders Lindberg, and especially, Keenan Alnahas, were spectacular in the shutout victory. The tandem has allowed a single goal (on a penalty shot) through two full games. Wil Hebert was named player of the game for the Flames.
This win for the Flames was a nice team effort, as they battled on the bigger ice sheet, against a team whose only real strength was their ability to hit. The Flames defense and goaltending was immense in the win. The Flames enter Saturday with two wins, and hold their own future in their hands. A win or a tie vs. the Kanata Blazers will ensure the Flames a berth in the playoffs as winners of their division. Game time is scheduled for 3:40pm at the Ottawa Citizen Arena in the Bell Sensplex.

Ottawa 1 – January 25: Flames 3 vs. Perth Blue Wings 1

The Manchester Flames Pee Wee Majors traveled to Ottawa, Ontario to compete in the 9th Annual Capital Winter Classic Tournament, and this morning they played their opening game. Walking into the complex this morning, we sought the unfamiliar relief of the cold rink as a place of warmth to get away from the wind chills of 10 and 20 degrees below zero. Feeling frozen, maybe a little bit, the Flames were matched up against the Perth Blue Wings to start the tournament. The Flames started slow but did rally to earn a 3-1 win.

1st Period: The Flames managed five shots on goal, and did control the puck some, while taking a few icing calls. They held the Blue Wings to just a pair of shots on goal. After one period, the game was tied at 0-0.

2nd Period: the second period saw the Blue Wings score first. After a loose puck sat for what seemed like an hour in the Flames empty defensive crease, Patrick Goren swept the puck aside, and clear of the goalmouth. The trouble was that Goren used his gloved hand to do so, which, by rule awards the non-offending team a penalty shot. The Perth player scored and the Flames trailed 1-0. The Flames took a penalty just 20 seconds after the goal and were in a tight spot, not wanting to go down by two goals. The Flames and, superb penalty killer, Brendan Courtney, held their own, and killed the penalty. Then with just 78 ticks left to play in the 2nd period, the Flames scored on the power play to tie the game. After a great shift from Wil Hebert, Jackson Puzzo, and Sam Hebert, they were rewarded with a goal. Sam finally tapped the puck into the net after shots and passes had trickled through traffic, bounced off of the goalie, and appeared to going wide of the net. Sam collected the puck and quickly slid it behind the goaltender before he could recover. Puzzo and Wil Hebert got the assists. The period ended with the game tied at 1-1, and the Flames holding a 14-6 advantage in shots.

3rd Period: 11 seconds into the final period, the Flames took the lead. After winning a scrum following the face off, Sam Hebert took a pass from Sean Moore and bolted up left wing. Hebert made no mistake, roofing the puck in the top right corner of the net, and scoring his second goal of the game. Minutes later, Zachary Bayer scored on a set up from Jackson Puzzo and the Flames led 3-1 with half a period to play. The Flames collapsed around their own net and kept most play to the outside in trying to preserve their lead. The final score would stay the same, a 3-1 win for the Flames. Keenan Alnahas and Anders Lindberg combined to save 10 of 11 shots and earn the win for the Flames. The Flames generated 19 shots on goal in the game. Sam Hebert was named player of the game for the Flames who move over to the Bell Sensplex, and the Mattamy Homes Arena for a 7:30pm game tonight, against the Kitchener Jr. Rangers Blue.