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NH Avalanche 2000 Weekend November 15-16

This weekend the NH Avalanche 2000 team had a pretty full weekend playing two games on Saturday and another game Sunday morning. All three games were played at The Ice Den Arena in Hooksett, NH.

I am going to approach this recap a little bit differently I think. I am just going to list the results and then write about some points from the games and see how that goes. Continue reading

NH Avalanche 2000 @ Raynham

Coming in to the weekend the NH Avalanche 2000’s had been playing pretty well and started to create more offense for themselves. Offensive zone puck possession, scoring chances, shots, and forced turnovers from the forecheck all looked to be getting better and resulted in more pucks finding the back of the opposing net.

Then the Avs knew they’d be traveling to Raynham with only 8 skaters and a goaltender which must have caused some trepidation. Afterall, the team they were visiting had beaten the Avs 9-2 in their last meeting, and going to their barn, with a short bench didn’t bode well. But then again, that’s why they play the games, because you never know. Continue reading