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Our National Anthem

It’s a cool, clear, crisp autumn morning and I temporarily lose the ability to discern depth by gazing deeper and deeper into the vastness of blue above me. In the background, I am listening to a loop of various renditions of our National Anthem. This version has become one of my personal favorites. Sometimes I sing the words, sometimes I hum a bit, and sometimes the emotion just makes my voice sound like an old rusty gate swinging in the breeze. I listen to the words. I listen to the passion pouring from the various performers. I think of the setting in which the songs’ words were penned. I try to wrap my head around the meaning of the various phrases throughout the song to so many people in so many places around the world. Imagine for a minute how many thousands, even millions of times, a person somewhere on this planet has been thrilled to the core that “our flag was still there”. It gives me chills. I love this country.

How many of you know all of the words to the verse that is sung daily all over this wonderful country? How often do you sing these inspired words? It’s a great song, a tough song to sing, and it’s OUR National Anthem. I love to sing it. I love to hear it. I love to think about it, and all that it represents. I sing it often with my 3-1/2-year-old twins. They like the song already. It is truly my favorite song. When I hear it on various radio stations at noon time or to begin, or even end their broadcast day, I always listen. Always.

As for today, I have started my morning with the words of my favorite song and the depths of my favorite color. God Bless the USA.