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If you find yourself in despair, with more questions than you have answers for, and each second feels like a dreadful eternity, then the questions you are asking yourself are probably closer to the answer than you would care to believe. If you find no answers in the questions you plague yourself all night with, then pray. God knows. God is bigger than the enormity of the problems bogging you down each night. Pray. If you can’t trust family or friends, then grab the person you know who is happiest, truly happy, and maybe you thought they’re a bit odd, or even questioned as to why you would even know this person. There are answers all around you. Many times the despair we feel is from the questions we ask ourselves. When you know the answer to the questions, and every fiber in your body tells you so, but somehow your actions continue to defy the answers you know are right, despair can take over. Turn it over to something bigger than yourself. Pray. Turn it over to God. Questions plague our waking hours and sometimes monopolize our hours of restful sleep. Pray. Talk to God. God can handle all of our questions. Just be ready because the answers aren’t always what we want to hear.