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Impressions Too

Waltzing through this life, our steps take us nearly everywhere.
Traces linger, and impressions we make, may still be there.

Time passes, a billion thoughts separate now from actions past.
Do we take accountability for the traces left as time flew fast?

Have we reaped yet what it was we sowed in our ignorant ways?
Have we addressed the ones who still hang on those yesterdays? Continue reading


Mean What You Say II

Like each drop of water running through my favorite stream, your words to me matter

I find they are tossed conveniently away though, often, my heart in balance, left to shatter



Day after day I return to this stream, perfectly pristine, mine alone to enjoy and behold

The same way I hope that there’s value in the meanings to the words I have been told



There are ripples in brooks throughout this land I can see, the one I love, is the one I chose

So to, the choice to heed spoken words is mine, do I turn when words and actions oppose?



Drops unite to form a flow and that direction runs the same, for I see it myself everyday

Photos capture a thousand words, actions amount to far more, again, mean what you say