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Blue eyes

This afternoon I found myself in a moment that almost immediately failed to register in the annals of time. It had no measure. No beginning. No end. Or so it seemed. While trying to comfort Theodore and get him back to sleep, I had my head down beside his, and our eyes were closed. I don’t know if either of us dozed off but at the same time our eyes opened and his pure blue eyes took me to the depths of his innocent soul. We just laid there face to face, our eyes only inches from one another and time stopped. I wondered what he was thinking, looking into his daddy’s eyes. I know I was thinking about how purely at peace and full of happiness his eyes appeared to me. But the blue was magical. The pure clarity was unmistakable. And the fact that there’s some of me in those eyes was just this side of heavenly. We laid there, still and relishing the quiet moment. It was special. To me at least. My little boy, still, silent, staring at me with those wonderful eyes. Neither of seemed like we wanted to move. It was a moment this dad knows I’ll not soon forget.

Theodore's clear blue eyes