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God’s Plan – A Tribute to Marjorie Leech (Peterson)

It would be Marjorie’s Birthday today. Remembering her, but looking forward to our next meeting.


Somewhere around the world today there was another selfless soul born, of that I am pretty sure. And even with all the newborns today, there’ll never another Marjorie be.

I ended the phone call with …”my thoughts and prayers are with all of you.” As I promised I would, I dialed the number to my parents house and waited for Mom to answer. Usually, it’s been her making those dreaded calls to me, but tonight I had a message to pass on and an inkling that she already knew what I had just confirmed. She answered the phone and both of us seemed a bit scared to say the first words, knowing why each of us was on the line. I passed on the message I had promised to share and we talked about what we feared to be the case. Our dear, sweet Marjorie had passed, no more than an hour…

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College Coaches Clinic – Merrimack College Players

Play The Game

Play the Game (Manchester, NH) is pleased to announce the next clinic in our College Coaches Clinic series. We will have players from Merrimack College here at our facility to put on a fast pitch Softball clinic focused on developing players on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball for players age 14 and up. There are slots still available.

Merrimack College Merrimack College

The clinic will be held at our indoor facility located at 8051 South Willow Street, Manchester, NH 030103, on Sunday, December 7, 2014 from 9:00am – 12:00pm.

The clinic is just $40 per player; and as of right now, there are spaces available. Please call Play the Game at 603-232-6220 or email Krista MacKenzie to register for this clinic.

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Trans-Siberian Orchestra 2014

A poem to capture some of this year’s magic found with TSO on the 2014-15 Winter Tour.


I wasn’t where I’ve grown accustomed to, but I was there
On stage these pros all showed up, but do they really care
As usual I polled those around me, some had, others new
I smiled and waited, hoping they’d engage and feel it too
Before the lights went dark I thought of my TSO friends, 
And I wondered who was here, where all that ails, mends
I thought of moments passed and ones I may have missed
I pondered on how these people remember their set lists
From one note to the next I can be lost, completely
Taken on a journey that caresses the senses sweetly
Light from the arena vanishes and the crowd is heard
Anticipation just like show one, even on my 23rd
Then there’s the production, the stirring voice of Bryan
His stories invoke emotion and tears without trying
Somewhere between shadows…

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The World Got it Right

I recently came across Caroline and her blog at Beautiful Life With Cancer. I don’t always agree with every word she writes, but mostly I do. She has an “in your face” style, and I love it. I enjoy reading her writing and the thoughts she shares here about Christmas are one version of my own thought pattern that I couldn’t have said better myself. I love Christmas every single year because of what it stands for, the real reason. Thank you for sharing this Caroline.

Beautiful Life with Cancer

The world got it right.  Macy’s got it right.  Walmart got it right.  Cracker Barrel got it right.  Santa Claus in the middle of the mall got it right.  And christians got it wrong.

Hold me back.  Hold me back.  OK!  I can’t wait any longer!  I have to talk about it!  Here it comes!  CHRISTMAS!

What?!  I thought this girl was a christian?  Walmart got Christmas right and christians got it wrong?!

It is the beginning of November, and already Christmas has begun to creep into retailing…weeks ago.  The local attractions have pulled out their Christmas lights, rows of ornaments suck in shoppers, and you may already hear a carol at the mall.  Christmas now lasts a full two months.  It is the biggest party of the year.

(Disclaimer:  I have only ever celebrated Christmas in the United States.  BUT I have studied some of the Christmas traditions of…

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My Wife Inspires Me


My wife finished the Manchester Half Marathon. Winds were gusting 20-30 mph, with temps in the upper 30’s. Amaris you are amazing!