Monarchs Christmas Hockey Classic: Goffstown 10 v. Central 5

JFK Coliseum, Manchester, NH. December 27, 2016.

Goffstown @ Central, 4pm.


MacKenzie Potvin and Theo Milanes line up to do battle against Central. (Photo by Charron)

Well, another day, another team, another effort, another result. This is why you play the games and compete in the sports. Nothing is given. All that is known often does not apply. Every new day, anything can happen.

Now, I am not going to suggest that today’s 4pm game, between Goffstown and Manchester Central was a thing of beauty, or even an all-time great game, but it was a new start. A new day. A new result.


Melanie Riendeau defends with Curtis MacKay in the net. (Photo by Charron)

First, if I am being honest, I felt for first year player, and goaltender, Adam Richardson for Central. We are quite familiar with that scenario here in Goffstown. And though, I don’t pretend to be a part of the script, agreement, or discussion that went on in the Central locker room, I give credit to Mr. Richardson for playing all 45 minutes and getting back up every time he was down or beaten. Kudos to the competitor.


Gavin MacEntee on the forecheck versus Central at the Monarchs Christmas Hockey Classic. (Photo by Charron)

If there are such things as momentum or continuity, then there are most certainly things like opposites and contrast. Because December 26 at the rink, and December 27 at the rink, could not have been further from each other as it played out on the ice at JFK Coliseum. Yesterday, Bedford speed-skated to a 4-0 lead before beating the Grizzlies, 7-1. Today, Goffstown was on the board in 12 seconds, and then raced to a 7-1 lead in under 15 minutes. Goffstown would hold on and win 10-5 in an offensive affair, to say the least.

This game was not without its hits, penalties, and pockets filled with feisty. The teams did compete. There were 48 shots on goal in the game, and 15 of those found the back of the net. So the pace was not as up and down the ice as one might think, because a lot of shots, did score.


Sebastian Beal curls to open space, looking for a pass. (Photo by Charron)

In a game that featured three goaltenders that never played hockey before this season, it was hard to miss that. On the other hand, if I have any idea on how a competitor thinks, these guys were out there doing the best they can, regardless of how many times they have ever done that before. Inside those pads and masks, there was a larger than life moment happening at full speed, and these kids were smack dab in the middle of it. We sit in the stands and watch like we do, yet maybe this game is a memory that these kids will carry for the rest of their lives.


Stephen Provencher and Mike Siemiesz look to disrupt Central’s breakout at the Monarchs Christmas Hockey Classic. (Photo by Charron)

So, as it turns out, I will summarize the names of the players on the score sheet. Adam Richardson made 16 saves in his effort for Manchester Central this afternoon, and he played all 45 minutes. Central freshman, Garrison Gagnon scored a pair of goals, his 2nd and 3rd goals of the tournament. Casey Hoag had a goal and an assist for Central, as did Bowen Bilodeau. Wil Hebert helped with a pair of assists, then Cam Warner and Sean Mulholland had an assist and goal, respectively.

For the Grizzlies, the scoring list was longer and deeper, but I say that not to stick it to anyone, but rather credit the team in an area where they may find strength this season, in depth. All six members of the first two lines had 3 points or more this afternoon. Then, a pair of sophomore defensemen, Jacob Noonan and Brett Lassonde were a +5 and +6, respectively.


Tyler Riendeau carries the puck up ice with Dylan Hyers in support. (Photo by Charron)

The proverbial first line combined for 5 goals and 5 assists. Tyler Riendeau and Mickey Bridgeman each scored a pair of goals, while dishing out an assist each. Max Lajeunesse scored a goal as well, and added 3 assists.

Then, sophomore winger, Sebastian Beal, erupted for a hat-trick and an assist, including a goal just 12 seconds into the game. Linemate, another sophomore, Griffin Cook passed his way to 4 assists in the contest, while Noah Charron scored 2 goals and had an assist himself.


Mickey Bridgeman receives a pass against Manchester Central at the Monarchs Christmas Hockey Classic. (Photo by Charron)

As I said earlier, yes, there was a lot of scoring, but there were a lot of kids getting ice time that will come in handy somewhere down the line as well. Then again, when the sun comes up tomorrow, it’ll be a new day, and anything can happen. The beauty of sports, anything is possible. We will see what plays out when Goffstown returns to JFK to play Manchester Memorial at 4pm on Wednesday, December 28, 2016.


Central 1-2-2=5
Goffstown 7-2-1=10

Central 11-7-4=22
Goffstown 15-6-5=26

1st 0:12 Goffstown. Sebastian Beal (2) from Griffin Cook (1).
1st 0:58 Central. Sean Mulholland from Wil Hebert.
1st 3:38 Goffstown. Tyler Riendeau (2) from Mickey Bridgeman (1) and Max Lajeunesse (2).
1st 3:53 Goffstown. Mickey Bridgeman (1) unassisted.
1st 7:34 Goffstown. Noah Charron (1) from Griffin Cook (2) and Sebastian Beal (2).
1st 10:04 Goffstown. Max Lajeunesse (3) unassisted.
1st 12:12 Goffstown. Noah Charron (2) from Griffin Cook (3).
1st 14:26 Goffstown. Tyler Riendeau (3) from Max Lajeunesse (3) and Brett Lassonde (2).

2nd 5:36 Goffstown. PPG (5-on-4) Sebastian Beal (3) from Griffin Cook (4) and Noah Charron (3).
2nd 8:32 Goffstown. Sebastian Beal (4) unassisted.
2nd 10:57 Central. SHG (4-on-5) Garrison Gagnon unassisted.
2nd 14:21 Central. Casey Hoag from Cam Warner.

3rd 0:57 Central. Garrison Gagnon from Bowen Bilodeau and Casey Hoag.
3rd 2:37 Goffstown. Mickey Bridgeman (2) from Max Lajeunesse (4) from Tyler Riendeau (3).

3rd 11:54 Central. PPG  (5-on-4). Bowen Bilodeau from Wil Hebert. 

Central: Adam Richardson 16 of 26.
Goffstown: Curtis McKay (30:00) 15 of 18.

Goffstown: Kyle LaSella (15:00) 2 of 4.

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