Chris Caffery Friday 12-16-16

Chris Caffery with Trans-Siberian Orchestra, 2016

SNHU Arena, Manchester, NH, November 26, 2016
Ghosts of Christmas Eve Winter Tour 2016

I am sitting here in my family room, drinking coffee and sharing a few more photos of Chris Caffery. Click on the images and enjoy!


Chris Caffery stands out, even in the haze. Every night the guy’s on fire, he sets the show ablaze.


Chris Caffery, TSO East, for 18 years on tour now. I go every year, and walk away annually, shaking my head, WOW!


One of the true joys in seeing TSO, has to be CC and the lights. This man, Bryan Hartley, adds a dimension to the shows night after night.


The pace of life rushes us through the streets, til we hit the wall. But wait, there’s Chris and the band, to help us rise above it all.


With “CC the Emcee” at the helm, chaos falls calm instead; and there is joy in air, whether purple or red.


There I sit watching Chris, mesmerized somehow I think. Every year, every show, and I still dare not blink.


I don’t know much about music, but I like to listen, and this guy, well, he can still really bring it.


Chris leads the way, always engaging the fans. Some nights must be better than others, but he always jams.


My favorite picture this post, the lights and classic pose. Chris you are the man! A better man, TSO could not have chosen.

Next week, the pictures get even better! Stay tuned!

I thank you for your patience, and I hope you took the time to search the photos, click on them, and relive moments from the shows. I am not as talented as the Brad Parmerter’sPatrick Larson’sthe Zwicker’s, and many others out there. Although I hope you enjoy the results, a guy sitting in the arena taking pictures from his phone and loving every moment of it. 


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