He Was There

Christmas Day 2016, my first Christmas without my Dad here

Christmas 2016, the first Christmas of my life without my Dad.

All month I thought on that, though I smiled, the thought made me sad.

This morning we made our way to my childhood home, everyone was there.

I wished around every corner, but didn’t see Dad, he wasn’t in his chair.

Though I could not see my Dad, I noticed something that I must declare.

Dad was missed, though he wasn’t there, instead he was everywhere.

The Beal boys, young and old, well listen to the volume in voices, you’d hear,

Like Dad, there was a presence in the carry, in the depth, to the untrained ear.

Looking around the room, there were stances, postures, and plain old quirks.

Dad was there within us, too obvious to question The Creator’s body of work.

You there, holding that present close, where have I seen those hands before?

Aren’t those the hands that ushered Mom and newborn son through the door?

Everywhere around me, I look, and I see another profile that I recognize.

Yes, Dad, was all around the room, just look here, you can see him in the eyes.

Humor is a constant where we meet, and today was no different, in our own way.

Tones, the pace, quick, perfectly timed, voices and laughs, Dad forever stay.

That laughter, I recognize, it’s imprinted on my memory forever in my head.

I can still hear it beckon from downstairs as I settled into my boyhood bed.

Hey there, was that you I heard talking to your child seriously, words so true?

It seems that I remember a Dad here, one time speaking those words here too.

It’s a shame we don’t get together more, like we did as kids, it’s been awhile.

But I’d be lying if I didn’t see Dad numerous times today, all it took was a smile.

Yes, Christmas this year, from where I sat, was missing a certain Godly man.

One thing I have learned though, is that I can trust fully in God’s plan.

So, that being said, I, we all, wish you and your families, a very Merry Christmas!

May you find peace, joy, and love, today and everyday. May God bless!


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