NYC From a Phone

Part Two of our trip to NYC at Christmas time.

Part one is here.

Please take a few minutes to go through this little trip with me. I have been to New York City before. Not very many times, but a few times over the decades. This time was for my Mom and for my Aunt Meredith. I also had my son Ryan with me. The best part of it all was that we traveled together, and met my son Steve (who lives in NYC) down on Madison Avenue. He was tour guide, and he did an amazing job getting us from place to place.

These pictures are from my cell phone. I wish they were better, but they represent a very special trip. Radio City is better than a picture could be all on its’ own. Please enjoy. Click on the pictures, share the story, have fun.


St. Patrick’s Cathedral from Madison Avenue. (C) 1inawesomewonder 2016.


Front of St. Patrick’s from Fifth Avenue. (C) 1inawesomewonder 2016.


Rockefeller Center. (C) 1inawesomewonder 2016.


Grand foyer at Radio City. The picture doesn’t do the foyer justice. The tour was fantastic. (C) 1inawesomewonder 2016.


The stage. Where it all takes place. Incredible view from the secret suite. (C) 1inawesomewonder 2016.


Carnegie Hall. This place opened in 1891. Still amazing. (C) 1inawesomewonder 2016.


Looking out from the south end of Central Park. (C) 1inawesomewonder 2016.


Columbus Circle at the southwest corner of Central Park. (C) 1inawesomewonder 2016.


Mom’s on my right, my Aunt Meredith on my left. Taking a break in a subway station. (C) 1inawesomewonder 2016.


My Mom and my Aunt at Brookfield Place. One World Trade Center is across the street in the background. (C) 1inawesomewonder 2016.


Looking through the Winter Garden at Brookfield Place. Out through the windows you can see the Waterfront Plaza Rink overlooking the Hudson River. (C) 1inawesomewonder 2016.


No words needed. This building commands your attention from the moment you first see it. (C) 1inawesomewonder 2016.


Immense. Bold. Beautiful. American. (C) 1inawesomewonder 2016.


Looking across the Hudson River at Jersey City, NJ; from Brookfield Place. (C) 1inawesomewonder 2016.


Massive hole in our world as we knew it. (C) 1inawesomewonder 2106.


Looking from the North Tower Memorial to Oculus and the 9/11 Memorial & Museum. (C) 1inawesomewonder 2016.


The South Tower Memorial. I saw a cowboy straight from Texas, tears running down his face. I saw generations together, words impossible to speak. I heard quiet in a mass of people normally louder than we would welcome. Vast is the size, but tiny compared to the hole ripped into our world. Respect for the lost, for the responder, the hero, and the cost. (C) 1inawesomewonder 2016.


Up through Oculus looking at the new. Impressive. (C) 1inawesomewonder 2016.


Grand Central. (C) 1inawesomewonder 2016.


Welcome to Grand Central Terminal. This is our flag. This is the United States of America. Merry Christmas. (C) 1inawesomewonder 2016.


Watching The Land of 1000 Delights on the front of Saks Fifth Avenue. (C) 1inawesomewonder 2016.


Almost time to get back on the bus, and one last look at the tree in Rockefeller Center. (C) 1inawesomewonder 2016.



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