TSO Evening – Manchester 2016

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Ghosts of Christmas Eve Winter Tour 2016.

Evening Show, SNHU Arena, November 26, 2016.


The one and only Chris Caffery, sensational Lisa Lavie, and the inspirational Natalya Rose-Piette present a check to a local NH charity, Lend a Helping Can. One dollar from each ticket sold goes to a local charity. Every show. Every city.

216 (2)

The curtain, ahhh the curtain. Let the troubles outside this place just roll away, cuz I have a date with the best show of the year.

216 (3)

And we are off. Tensions leave my shoulders, and a smile sparkles in my eyes.

216 (4)

From Caffery to Z. There’s so much here to see.

216 (5)

Those stairs look inviting but here is where I’ll stay. Russell sings while Chris and the rest, they play.

216 (6)

It’s anything but blue, with Chris and David on stage, and Roddy out back too.

216 (7)

The lovely ladies can sing, and well, I need not say another thing.

216 (8)

Don’t blink! Because you never know what you might miss. More than you think.

216 (9)

Georgia and the rest. You can’t go wrong, pick one you like the best. These women are amazing…

216 (10)

…They dance, they sing, they smile. And it’s nice to have them out front once in a while.

216 (11)

This one is my daughter’s favorite. The colors and the women, they inspire. An hour later she was singing here in front of the fire.

216 (12)

Pictures are worth a thousand words, even mine. But it’s the glorious sounds they create that sends the chills down your spine.

216 (13)

Everywhere there is talent, you can hear it in every beat that; they sing and play, while I’m trying not to miss all the variety of scenes to look at.

216 (14)

Lasers and lights, and backgrounds galore. It’s awesome just to see all the colors, the motion, and more.

216 (15)

My son (6 yrs old) liked this picture for the lasers hitting the stage, and wondered if anyone got hurt, ahhh it’s a lovely age.

216 (16)

The sounds are amazing when they’re together, all the girls and boys, but really, I’d like a visit to the back and check out the toys.

216 (17)

I don’t know how you all do Christmas Day, but this is TSO style, we all stand up, sing and sway.

216 (18)

Oh man, don’t we need some of this, I’d say. Everything as it should be, cuz she”s coming home this Christmas Day.

216 (19)

Hidden, there in the back, he’s not good, he’s great! That’s the drummer from day one, it’s Jeff Plate.

216 (20)

Every year I hope they have a drum solo. Trust me, they’re awesome; you’ll just have to go.

216 (21)

These, my friends, are the singers in the band. You’d be hard pressed to find more talent in a single show anywhere in this land.

216 (22)

Natalya moves faster than my camera can keep pace with. Always armed with a bright smile, inspiring, she is.

216 (23)

Is there anything that Lisa can’t do? Looking happy to be surrounded in blue.

216 (24)

Mee Eun Kim on the boards, and Jeff Plate on the skins. The talent on stage is amazing! For all, a win-win.

216 (25)

This man is incredible. He is there, always. Even in the shadows, he is heard through the fog and the haze.

216 (26)

It doesn’t get any better than this. Russell Allen, or Joel Hoekstra, neither one would you want to miss.

216 (27)

Sir Russell Allen commands the stage like few others do. And man can he sing in the key of blue.

216 (28)

Some call it ragtime, others call it funk. But I can tell you it’s a lot better than you might have thunk.

216 (29)

Chris can play, he can sing, he does a little bit of everything. If you haven’t been out to a show, you have no idea how much you’re missing.

216 (30)

Lighting it up for Kayla, we hang on every note. And she delivers, she never disappoints.

216 (31)

Lifts and lights, the stage is immense. The crowd diverse, the young, the old, the kids, and the parents.


216 (33)

The TSO kittens and their talents are displayed throughout the show. They can sing, they can dance, and they have their own certain glow.

216 (34)

I cannot stress enough, how talented this group is every year. It’s like all the shows you could see, at one time, right here.

216 (35)

Sometimes I sit back and wonder quietly in my seat; who is having a better time, them? Or me?

216 (36)

Then it is done, another show comes sadly, but smiling, to an end. And I think, how do they, another standard of excellence, transcend?

I thank you for your patience, and I hope you took the time to search the photos, click on them, and relive moments from the shows. I am not as talented as the Brad Parmerter’sPatrick Larson’sthe Zwicker’s, and many others out there. Although I hope you enjoy the results, just a guy sitting in the arena taking pictures from his phone and loving every moment of it.


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