Chris Caffery Friday 12-9-16

Chris Caffery Friday – Part II 2016

CC16 (6)

Chris Caffery, Trans-Siberian Orchestra East, 2016. Manchester, NH.

CC16 (7)

This man lives the rock star life on stage night after night. At least the life I picture, he captures the senses of sound and sight.

CC16 (8)

The flame burns hot, but that’s not all, when Caffery is out there standing 20 feet tall.

CC16 (9)

The master of playing riffs that challenge the depth of mind, and a better front man, you’ll likely not find.

CC16 (10)

When I dream of playing electric guitar, and sometimes I do, it looks something like this; I’d play like you.

CC16 (11)

Chris can play. He gets the best from the crowd. His music reaches deep and pulls at emotions shared aloud.


I thank you for your patience, and I hope you took the time to search the photos, click on them, and relive moments from the shows. I am not as talented as the Brad Parmerter’sPatrick Larson’sthe Zwicker’s, and many others out there. Although I hope you enjoy the results, just a guy sitting in the arena taking pictures from his phone and loving every moment of it.

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