Chris Caffery Friday 12-2-16

It’s Chris Caffery Friday!

Welcome to the first of five installments I have planned for the month of December. I did one of these last year, and it was one of the most popular pieces I have ever posted here. There will be more pictures (coming this month) capturing the stage, the band, the singers, the colors, and the big picture. Please take time to enjoy the pictures. Click on them. Search them. And also look forward to four more Chris Caffery Friday’s this month, as well as many photos of all things Trans-Siberian Orchestra.


Chris Caffery is so good that he rose up on the lift just so I could see him over the late arriving crowd in front of me. Thank you Chris.

CC16 (2)

Sometimes all the signs do point to someone worth checking out.

CC16 (3)

At the very core of the TSO show (X 18 years) is this man, Chris Caffery. Rock on Chris!

CC16 (4)

Not all rock stars shine like this guy does. The one and only Chris Caffery.

CC16 (5)

From what I do know of Mr. Caffery, he is a warm-hearted, caring, genuine soul; as shown here, he checks on those folks that arrived late. All is well.

I thank you for your patience, and I hope you took the time to search the photos, click on them, and relive moments from the shows. I am not as talented as the Brad Parmerter’s, Patrick Larson’s, the Zwicker’s, and many others out there. Although I hope you enjoy the results, a guy sitting in the arena taking pictures from his phone and loving every moment of it.

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