Hang On

Some of you know that I have been going to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra perform in concert for 17 consecutive years now. It has truly become a staple in my Christmas season every year. There are a lot of things that I have thoroughly enjoyed, or even loved over the years, that have not become the tradition that TSO shows have become. As much as I know about the band, the music, or the shows, there are always surprises and new things to learn.

I have prepared numerous pictures that I took during the Manchester, NH shows this year, and I plan to feature them throughout the month of December. Considering the pictures were all taken with a phone that is quite a bit smarter than I am, I think you may enjoy them. Whether you have been to a show, or attended dozens of shows, or are hoping one day to attend, stay tuned and enjoy a look from this fan’s perspective.

This year was nothing stale or complacent, but rather a real treat. And honestly, it was probably one of, if not, the most enjoyable years to date. New things to trigger the senses. New angles. New people to meet. New reactions. New shadows and lights. New performances of familiar tunes. New awe. New amazement. New sights. And still plenty of the old familiar feelings that are welcome every Christmas. I could go on.

In the whirlwind of large production and show-stopping talent, blended with guitar riffs that would make any era proud, there is still something that brings all ages and backgrounds to these shows. It’s Christmas. It’s the musical talent. It’s the vocal talent. The arrangement. The visual experience. The message. It’s all of it, but really, it’s Christmas.

Then, what to my wondering eyes should appear, amid the lights, the lasers, and colors in the air?

Two little girls in the aisle, dressed in their Christmas best, holding on, mesmerized right there.


Come one. Come all. Another reason why I can’t wait each year to see another TSO show.




















Upon seeing these two girls ahead of me, I couldn’t help but think of the lyrics from The World That She Sees (The Christmas Attic).

And then the night comes alive
With lights to dazzle

And everything’s extraordinary
Nothing is left ordinary

Christmas has come
With its long memory
And in my mind
It always will be
The world that she sees


If I am being honest, many of those words ring true to me each and every year. Lord willing, I will back for an 18th year in 2017.


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