Daily Archives: November 2, 2016

DIY Compost Bin

I think it’ll be fairly obvious in these pictures, that I am not much of a “do-it-yourself-er”. Either way though, I am sharing this.

Today, with the help of my mother, and my 6-year old twins, we made a 64 cubic foot compost bin. It only cost roughly $700 to make it. Ha ha! Only kidding, it cost around $65 to get some wood, posts, and screws, etc. Anyways, here are the pictures to show the progress of the project.


4′ x 4′ platform, complete with old sliding door screens that were being thrown away. (c) 2016 1inawesomewonder.


Platform is on some broken bricks and rocks to be semi-level. Four posts in the ground, near the corners, depending on tree roots and rocks below ground. (c) 2016 1inawesomewonder.


Some left over nylon fencing used to enclose the bin. (c) 2016 1inawesomewonder.


After several loads in the large lawn cart, it’s starting to fill up. Leaves and grass clippings. (c) 2016 1inawesomewonder.


The cutest help around! (c) 2016 1inawesomewonder.