I Stood In The Rain

The other day, I went outside seeking a connection to the those now gone.

Specifically, I was looking for the one we loved, the one we call, John.


So, there I stood, among the greys and the cool, standing alone in the rain.

Maybe just to get wet, but more likely to remember, and to feel the pain.

Since you have been gone I have tried to find ways to be close to you again.

So I engaged these drops, as they fell, for I knew just where they’d been.


And I realized that you are in our laughs, in our minds, and in the fabric of us.

I long for the day when once again, all the stories, we can sit and discuss.


Until then Dad, I will sometimes wander into the rain just to feel the tears,

That fall toward earth, on me, each a reminder of you overcoming your fears.

Very much alive in me, Dad, your blood runs through this boy born to Maine.

Silently fog fell, and it surrounded me, holding me as I Stood In The Rain.



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