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Boys Will Be Boys

Last night, there were two of us. Two grown men, both in our late 40’s, hanging out to watch a game. We watched, and watched, and watched some more. Then more than 4 hours after we started watching the pre-game coverage, an eruption. Continue reading

Forever Rest In Peace

Today we come together to remember one of us, one held so dear.

I implore you to ensure that her sweet, smiling spirit ne’er disappear.

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On My Mind and More

Well, sometimes I look at Facebook, and I respond literally to the question: “What’s on your mind?” Today I had a whole slew of answers, some of which I verbalized into the empty room surrounding me. Mostly they were superficial and not predicated on anything too important. Continue reading


1st Grade: First Day 2016

As Jacqueline said to me this morning while tieing her own sneakers, “Well Dad, I guess we are officially first-graders now.” Yes you are. And off to school they go, beginning the 2016-17 school year. Time will again race by, but this moment we enjoy, and capture, only to look back on it and wonder where the time went.

They couldn’t wait to get on the bus. Theodore told me last night, “Dad I am not excited for school, I just can’t stop thinking about it.” This morning he asked my wife and I if they could walk down to the bus on their own after today. We said one, or both of us, will get them on the bus each day, to which he replied, “Maybe in second grade, or at least when we are 8.”

As for today it was Dad, Mom, and the twins all at the bottom of the driveway, waiting for the bus. The rest is history.

1st grade we have each other

The twins are ready to take on First Grade. 

twins 1st day bus 1st grade

Same bus. Same bus driver (they love Kami). Same route. Sometimes new beginnings are easier with some familiarity.

1st grade natural twins pose

They posed for the picture. Holding hands, well that just happened automatically. At least they have each other.


“Come on Dad, let’s go!” Down the driveway we went to meet the bus. 1inawesomewonder (C) 2016.

We Miss You Mrs. Tefft

Tomorrow, another school year begins in Goffstown, NH. Yet, tonight, for the third time in four days, I was stopped in my tracks when I saw the obituary for Mrs. Tefft online. We all should be seeing her tomorrow, standing out front, smiling, and greeting all. Imagine how long the list of accolades and kind words would be if Mrs. Tefft hadn’t been taken so soon. We were some of the fortunate ones that got to feel her impact. We all will miss her here in this community. Continue reading

Goffstown Hockey: Board Meeting

Welcome to September hockey fans!

Believe it or not, it’s time to get the 17th year of the Friends of Goffstown Hockey started. There is a board meeting coming up, and we would like to see you there. As you probably know, the greatest organizations in the world are often made up of good people holding key leadership positions, working for a common goal, and making good decisions. Honestly, this is no different.

The Friends of Goffstown Hockey Board does have open board positions going into the 2016-17 hockey season. There is a board meeting on Monday night, September 12th at Sullivan Arena on the campus of St. Anselm College. The meeting is open to everyone and will start at 7:00pm. The conference room on the concourse level of the arena is where the meeting will be held. Please come down and see how you might be able to assist in another fantastic season of high school hockey. If you are able to attend and sit in on the meeting, it won’t take long for you to realize that this group works very hard to provide the best possible experience for the kids in the program. It really is something to see, and to be a part of. The level of planning, effort, and execution by so many wonderful people, really make the hockey program a destination sport for aspiring hockey players coming up through the school district.

So, leave yourself some time to spend over at St. A’s on Monday night, the 12th, and maybe you too, can be a part of this tremendous organization. It takes good people to make these seasons a success, so come on out. See you there. Thank you for your time.

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Goffstown schools ‘devastated’ by kindergarten teacher’s death; investigation ongoing | New Hampshire

Wendy Tefft, 38, was found dead from a single gunshot wound at her Dunbarton home Thursday morning.

Source: Goffstown schools ‘devastated’ by kindergarten teacher’s death; investigation ongoing | New Hampshire