Emblematic Moment

The poem.

Reasons, they fall apart in the face of the truest desire.
But excuses, they pile up in the corners where dreams did aspire.

Floating out here at least there is distance between hope and real.
This spot may not have changed in centuries, the past I feel.

Then as if my dreams came true, and did finally get time to stand still.
My senses kick in and the glory of creation nourishes me, I get my fill.

Ripples batter the base on which I sit, I survey the scene.
Across the open water I spotted a white dot, hidden by green.

My heart races as I look up through the branches, large and brown.
There, all lit by the sun, the magnificent beauty of that white crown.

As I watch from below, the wind affects me and my friend in the tree.
After some time the great bird, shows its power, flying right over me.

The eagle looked down at me as to say watch this, and catching a breeze;
It circled the cove, climbing higher, wings spread, with God-given ease.

The bird obliged making several passes at varying heights, quite a show.
Topping it off, the bird reminded me that only they go where eagles go.

I watch from the water, as I come ashore, I sit in the sun, at the edge.
Fending off reality, never lose touch with God’s green earth, I pledge.


Bald Eagle. (C) 1inawesomewonder 2015.


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