Daily Archives: February 5, 2016

This Man I Know

This man I know trudges along on his lonesome crusade
It seems at every turn there’s evidence, again betrayed

He made up for lost time once he figured out what he’d do
He’s an older gent or I’d say you might know him too

The guy beats on, dim-witted maybe, cuz nothing stops him
Rising from the hollow, forward despite the forecast so grim

Out there limping all alone he looks around just so he can see
With nothing and no one in sight how is it, he’s not free

Everywhere he goes he packs a smile and a word to the wise
Even if you don’t believe him, you can see truth in his eyes

People don’t see him along the way, he swears that’s okay
But from place to place he shows up in some unassuming way

Behind the scenes there are scars, there is pain and doubt
Maybe it’s the time, or maybe it’s just the chosen route

He presses himself to another place, looking to be embraced
Many times though, he gets a glimpse, or just a little taste

This man wanders some would say but he’d argue there’s cause
Misunderstood at times because he wishes for a time that was

I heard him once, calling up from some lonesome ole riverbed
Why won’t someone come rescue me, so I can rest my weary head

I’d bring it up to him but he’d reason there’s no need
Another somewhere in anguish would deserve to be freed

Off he would go into a distant sunset off of any beaten path
Resembling confidence despite the likelihood of more wrath

Open spaces deter him not, rather light up the lines on his face
Moving along, there’s another to see, in motion his favorite place

Perhaps one day you will see this old man, his eyes slightly aglow
You might not notice, but it could be a visit from this man I know