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TSO – Symmetry and Chemistry

I went to see them for the first time in December 2000. I went to hear one song. 16 years later, and every year between, I have seen them, listened to all of their songs, seen all of their lights, embraced all of the emotions they stimulate, and I’ve had the pleasure to meet most of them.

Still every year, the show is absolutely incredible. The lights, the lasers, the sounds, all in perfect symmetry. The performers, the voices, the skills, the personalities, oh the chemistry. The depth of performance is simply unmatched in my experience. So, weeks after seeing them two different times in 2015, I am posting these final pictures from my experience with the music, the show, the band in 2015. I apologize for the inclusion of the big guy with a flannel or a sweatshirt and beard in some of these photos. Enjoy!

TSO-visuals-NH112815.jpgTSO-symmetry2-NH112815.jpgTSO-stage-presence-NH112815.jpgThe-incomparable-Rob-Evan-NH112815.jpgStrength-in-numbers-NH112815.jpgTell-me-a-story-Bryan-NH112815.jpgSir-Russell-NH112815.jpgDavid-Z-and-I-photobombed-by-Roddy.jpgChris-and-I-NH-112815.jpg Chris is the best!Russell-and-I-NH112815.jpg Russell is the man!20151217_225900.jpg20151217_230006.jpg


Lost Lake Loop

I started this post back in October (2015) and I have posted several pictures from this trail in a slide show, but I wanted to single out some of those photos even more, so I picked this up where I left off…

Oct. 26, 2015

…In doing some research online, looking for some local trails to pursue, I came across the Kuncanowet Town Forest and Conversation Area. I am so glad that I did. This area is, in my opinion, breathtakingly beautiful. I haven’t even explored all of it yet, and I am taken by its overall setting and beauty. Thanks also to Dunbarton Hikes for the useful videos I found on YouTube. God-willing, I will be back in these woods again soon. Enjoy my attempts to capture the magnificent through the lens of my camera; it’s better in person.

A great place to reflect

Lost Lake: I sat here to pray, to reflect, and really just respect. 1inawesomewonder ©

Bouquet of color

There was more beauty around than I could capture in a dozen visits. 1inawesomewonder ©

Coming in to Lost Lake.

Coming in to Lost Lake. 1inawesomewonder ©



Gradient by foliage

Photo opportunities were in every direction. 1inawesomewonder ©


If only I could build a canopy so beautiful

Welcome to the warmth of this passageway. 1inawesomewonder ©


Meet you in the sky

There is something to be said for the treasure found following the straight and narrow. 1inawesomewonder ©


Lost Lake worth finding

Ahhh, to sit here in silence, allowing time and space their effect. 1inawesomewonder ©

Yellow and the sun

Walking through this country always brightens my outlook. 1inawesomewonder ©

Twins Unwind


Comfortable in their own skin, but would rather be closer than further apart.

The twins and I had a little bit of down time after school. We all stayed close together though.

GHS Hockey: Goffstown 2 @ Windham 3

Wednesday, January 20, 2016. 540pm @ ICEnter, Salem, NH – Goffstown @ Windham.

I have to say that things didn’t look to good on paper coming into tonight’s road game for the Grizzlie Hockey team. I mean, Goffstown had just lost back-to-back games by the score of 2-1 in each. They were also headed to play the 6-2 Windham Jaguars. The Jaguars hadn’t allowed a single goal since before Christmas, and had won five straight games in that span. Then again, this is why they play the games.

As I get into the game itself, I will say that this Windham team is a good team. They appear to be well coached. They skate well as a team. They move the puck quickly, especially in the offensive end. They are small, but aggressive. They are chippy, and that fine line between aggression and chippy play (playing like there’s no puck on the ice, and just running people) really cost the Jaguars before this game was over.

First though, the Windham Jaguars jumped out to a 2-0 lead over Goffstown in the first period. There were not a lot of shots in the period, in fact only 8 of them in total (Windham 5 and Goffstown 3), but Windham made theirs count. Windham scored on their second and fourth shots of the period. First, Bryce Blanchard scored on a rebound off of, Grizzlie goalie Colin Holt. The assist went to Jack Crowley. Almost immediately, actually just 17 seconds later, Goffstown had a golden chance to tie the game. Max Lajeunesse and Sam Greenwood worked a near perfect 2-on-1 break when they exchanged a few passes coming up the ice. The passes and speed led to Greenwood coming down the left wing and letting a shot go toward Jaguar goalie, Max Daly. Greenwood’s shot sailed high, over the net, from point blank range, but the Grizzlies showed they had some get up and go. Then the Jaguars closed out the period with a goal from Domenic Bruzzese, with the assist going to Blanchard. The Grizzlies trailed 2-0, the Jaguars were flying, with Blanchard and Mike Tardif running at every Grizzlie they could, puck, or no puck.

In the second period something started to change, but not in a way you might think. The Jaguars smelled blood. They pounded the offensive zone with speed, passing, and setting each other up for good looks at the net. Right off the bat, Sam Greenwood was called for elbowing. Just what the Grizzlies needed, trailing 2-0, and just 33 seconds into the period, shorthanded. Coming to the rescue just in time, kind of, the penalty kill for Goffstown. Mike Fortin, Max Lajeunesse, Nick Nault, Sebastian Beal, and Noah Charron all stood out in the killing of the penalty. Bryce Blanchard took an interference penalty when he hit a Grizzlie player along the boards while the puck was somewhere out by the center ice faceoff dot. Goffstown got nothing going on the power play and the Jaguars even started a beautiful 2-on-1 of their own, before Mike Fortin raced back to get a stick on the puck as it was shot towards the net and deflected it harmlessly away. At one point, the Jaguars took five, yes I counted them all, shots from point blank range at Colin Holt. Holt saved all five shots before finally being able to tie up the puck for a faceoff. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Noah Charron turned nothing into something and scored a goal for the Grizzlies with 3:32 to play in the second period. With about a minute left to play, a rather scary play unfolded when the Jaguars ripped a slapshot from the point and the puck rose quickly, striking teammate, Nolan Cunningham in the side of the helmet. Cunningham was shaken but skated off under his own power; he would return. After two periods, the Grizzlies trailed 2-1 on the scoreboard while the Jaguars held a 16-8 lead in shots on goal. Holt made 11 saves on 11 shots in the period and appeared to get better with the larger workload.

The third period started with three penalties being called in the first 2:13. Two of the penalties were on Windham, and Goffstown had a brief 5-on-3 power play before Nick Nault was whistled for cross checking. Shortly thereafter, the Jaguars got one player back, but Noah Charron struck again during the 4-on-4 play. Charron scored after being set up by Dylan Hyers. Score tied 2-2. The Grizzlies had some confidence, they were getting shots and really moving their feet for the first time in a while. Skating and creating caused the Jaguars to be somewhat exposed and more penalties were a direct result. Max Lajeunesse made a quick deke and move to the corner that resulted in Mike Tardif getting called for his second straight elbowing call, as he went in elbows-high again. Later it was Bryce Blanchard getting called for an obvious trip when a Grizzlie skater beat him to open space. Goffstown would not score again, but the age-old question of “which came first” begged to be asked. Did the penalties help the Grizzlies, or did the Grizzlies getting shots and moving their feet, create the penalties? Yes, and yes, certainly some of both. The Jaguars held strong and they capitalized on another Goffstown mistake. The Grizzlies had the puck at their offensive blue line, and instead of playing the puck cleanly or getting it deep into the zone, the “too many skaters in a tight area” resulted in the puck being taken by Brandon Madigan. Madigan, and then, Nolan Cunningham, quickly got the puck to Danny Donovan essentially creating a 2-on-nothing breakaway. Holt braced for the onslaught but Donovan was able to score the game-winning goal with 3:57 left to play, on only their second shot of the period. Moments later Goffstown made a nice defensive play in their own end to get the puck to Tyler Riendeau. Riendeau started up the left wing but then threw the puck to the neutral zone, right to a Windham defenseman. At the same time, the Grizzlies opted for a line change. This resulted in a very quick scoring chance for the Jaguars. Fortunately for the Grizzlies, Colin Holt was ready and made the save on a lightning quick one-timer from the slot. Goffstown did call a timeout and tried to get Holt to the bench for the extra attacker. However, the Grizzlies iced the puck twice in the last 52 seconds and couldn’t get any kind of attack going. The Windham Jaguars held on for the 3-2 win, their sixth straight win. Goffstown held a 12-5 shot advantage in the period, thanks to the power play and showing a little bit of grit and determination to be better as a team. For the game, the Jaguars outshot Goffstown 21-20.

The Grizzlies return to home ice at Sullivan Arena on Sunday afternoon to play the reigning Division III State Champions, and the now 7-2, Belmont-Gilford team. The game is slated to start at 3:30pm.


Early Morning Sky


A picture of yesterday’s early winter morning sky

GHS Hockey: Goffstown 1 @ Oyster River 2

Monday, January 18, 2016. 430pm @ Whittemore Center, Durham, NH – Goffstown @ Oyster River.

Well, maybe it was just me, or maybe it was the bigger ice surface and the big arena where the sound of spirit seemed all but lost. Maybe it was a game played on a Holiday when the regiment of normal days seems to change some what. Whatever it was, it seemed to me that the Grizzlies showed up in Durham, NH to play Oyster River, and neither team showed much of a spark. Dare I say, there seemed to be a shortage of “you are not going to beat me today” attitude, especially from the Grizzlies. I could be completely wrong so I won’t go any further down this road, as I only had to sit and watch the game after some excellent pizza at Durham House of Pizza with my wife and the twins before the game.

The game started with both teams moving the puck some, but neither team really possessing the puck for very long. Oyster River started to gain the edge in play. With 8:48 to play in the opening period, Goffstown’s Mike Fortin stepped up to make a big hit on an Oyster River player between the circles in his defensive end. The void left out in front of the net was filled by Oyster River’s Ethan Keslar who lifted a shot past Colin Holt in net, but the puck hit the post and stayed out of the net.

Goffstown goalie Colin Holt makes a stick save off a shot by Oyster River's Ethan Keslar (27) as Goffstown defenseman Bretton Lassonde shields Keslar from the rebound during the first period of their game at the Whittemore Center in Durham Monday. (Mark Bolton/Union Leader) - See more at:

Goffstown goalie Colin Holt makes a stick save off a shot by Oyster River’s Ethan Keslar (27) as Goffstown defenseman Bretton Lassonde shields Keslar from the rebound during the first period of their game at the Whittemore Center in Durham Monday. (Mark Bolton/Union Leader) – See more at: story

Two minutes later, Grizzlie defenseman, Nick Nault took a pass from Colin Burke and moved the puck quickly on a beautiful pass to Tyler Riendeau who got behind the Oyster River defense only to be denied a goal by Liam McNamara in net for the Bobcats. The Grizzlies were called for one penalty in the period when Max Lajuenesse was called for tripping. Nault, Burke, Fortin, Brett Lassonde, and Sam Greenwood all played key parts in killing off the penalty. Holt made 7 saves on 7 shots and got a little help from the post in the period. The Grizzlies only mustered 3 shots on goal, including the Riendeau breakaway.

Period two saw both teams play at a better pace. Oyster River would score on a play that really took shape from behind the net. This theme would replay throughout the third period as well. Having more room to operate behind the net on the Olympic ice sheet, and no one really to contend with, the Bobcats scored their first goal. Matt Bishop would score the goal on assists from Tyler Harvey and Samuel Davies. The Grizzlies would get six shots on goal in the period with their best chance coming on a nice combination of passing from Kainen Lassonde and Noah Charron who sent the puck to the crease where Sebastian Beal battled a defenseman and the goaltender for the loose puck, knocking just about everything but the puck into the net. After two periods, the Grizzlies trailed 1-0 and had only 9 shots on goal.

The third period faceoff started the period with the Grizzlies bench all pounding their sticks against the boards to generate noise, and maybe pick up their own intensity. So, maybe I wasn’t completely wrong in the opening paragraph.

Oyster River goalie Liam McNamara makes a save on Goffstown's Michael Fortin during the third period of their game at the Whittemore Center in Durham Monday. Oyster River won, 2-1. (Mark Bolton/Union Leader) - See more at:

Oyster River goalie Liam McNamara makes a save on Goffstown’s Michael Fortin during the third period of their game at the Whittemore Center in Durham Monday. Oyster River won, 2-1. (Mark Bolton/Union Leader) – See more at: UL story

Either way, it did seem to help, after senior goaltender, Colin Holt saved his team’s bacon with 12:36 to play. The Bobcats were on the rush and both Grizzlie defenseman went to defend the wing on the left wing side, this left the center of the ice wide open. As good hockey plays would unfold, the puck was passed perfectly to the Bobcat forward in the slot area and he ripped a shot that hit Holt in the shoulder and kicked off of the far post. Holt eventually scrambled on the rebound and kept the puck out of the net. Then, just 3:07 into the period, perhaps riding the tide of Holt’s point blank save, Noah Charron scored his 6th goal of the season on a rebound with assists going to Max Lajeunesse and Mike Fortin.

For the next seven or so  minutes, both teams had chances, and Colin Holt made a couple of fantastic saves. Then Lajeunesse was called for a trip that was too obvious to let go, and the Grizzlies had another penalty to kill. The Grizzlies did keep the Bobcats off of the board but it also meant that the chances were mounting for Oyster River and their forwards seemed to be growing more confident. It was the Bobcats who scored a goal with 1:23 to play on a shot that trickled slowly past Holt, sliding inside the far post and bounced out. The goal was ultimately waved off as no official was in the vicinity to see the puck go in before coming out. The play told a too familiar story for Grizzlie fans though, as either of two Goffstown defensemen could have raced behind the net and been the first player to the loose puck, but instead, neither one went, and Oyster River centered the puck to the slot and scored, or didn’t score, officially. I was sitting close enough to be the goal judge behind the net, if there was a goal judge in this game, and I would have lit the red lamp. A tick or two under 30 seconds later, the Bobcats did score for everyone to see. Michael Donovan scored from the slot area after yet another centering pass from, you guessed it, right behind the net. Nobody from Goffstown was back to make the play difficult for Oyster River in Gretzky’s Office. Assists on the game winning goal went to Anson Thibault and Tyler Harvey.

Oyster River's Grif Snow-Warbuton, left, hits Goffstown's Sebastian Beal at mid-ice during the third period of their game at the Whittemore Center in Durham Monday. Oyster River won 2-1. (Mark Bolton/Union Leader) - See more at:

Oyster River’s Grif Snow-Warbuton, left, hits Goffstown’s Sebastian Beal at mid-ice during the third period of their game at the Whittemore Center in Durham Monday. Oyster River won 2-1. (Mark Bolton/Union Leader) – See more at: UL Story

With roughly 41 seconds left in the game, Colin Holt left the crease for the bench as a result of a delayed penalty being called on Oyster River, their first called penalty of the game. By the time the Bobcats touched the puck to get the whistle blown, there were only 16 seconds left to play. The delayed penalty had been called on Porter McManus way back in the Oyster River offensive end when he gave a solid two-hand cross-check to the back of the shoulders of a Grizzlie player. The call ended up being a 5-minute major penalty for, hitting from behind, along with a 10-minute misconduct. The Grizzlies could not find a way to get the tying goal in the final 16 seconds, and the game ended with the Bobcats winning 2-1.

The Grizzlies return to the ice for another road game on Wednesday versus Windham (6-2), another red-hot team who has won five games in a row, outscoring their opponents 28-0 in those games. The game will be played, at the ICEnter in Salem, NH at 5:40pm.

GHS Hockey: Goffstown 1 @ Keene 2

Saturday, January 16, 2016. 5pm @ Keene Ice, Keene, NH – Goffstown @ Keene.

The Goffstown Grizzlies came to Keene after a week of practices, playing their first game since blowing out Timberlane last Saturday. As of late, Keene has been red-hot! They entered play with a 6-1 record, and had scored 40 goals in their last 5 games, all wins. Goffstown came in 4-1 in Division II, but is still trying to figure out where they fit as they have earned blow-out wins against Timberlane and Pembroke, but lost to Merrimack who hasn’t won since. Let the game begin.

Keene came out energized by the home crowd, their new barn, and the confidence that comes with six straight wins. It was apparent early that Keene has some size, some speed, and some skill. They played fast and aggressive right from the start. The Grizzlies were forced to play a little faster than they wanted to, or at least, faster than they were comfortable with. Despite the speed, the period would end scoreless, thanks mostly to Colin Holt in net for Goffstown. Keene ripped off 13 shots on goal while Goffstown managed just 4 shots on Myles Ditkoff at the other end. Goffstown had more chances than the four shots on goal, but chances were rushed and shots missed the net or were a second too late in being taken and didn’t materialize. With 2:10 to play in the period Keene’s Cody Bragg broke in nearly alone on a great chance to get the Blackbirds on the board but his shot went just wide of the net. Sam Greenwood was called for the only penalty of the period but Goffstown was able to kill the penalty on strong play from Nick Nault, Colin Burke, Sebastian Beal, and Noah Charron, among others.

In the second period the intensity grew a little bit more. It seemed that the Blackbirds and their home fans weren’t happy with no goals being scored yet, and the noise grew. Just 48 seconds into the period, Goffstown’s Nick Nault and Keene’s Hunter Gallant battled to matching penalties, called for cross-checking and high-sticking respectively. Then, 12 seconds later, after losing the defensive zone faceoff, the Grizzlies fell behind. Nate Darwin (who gave the Grizzlies trouble all night) scored on a rebound after a scramble in front of the net following Colin Holt’s initial save. Assists went to Tim Greenwood and Cody Bragg. The Grizzlies mounted some good chances throughout the period, including two power play chances, but couldn’t get on the board. Finally, on a nice rush up the ice by Nick Nault, the Grizzlies scored. Nault fed a pass to the front of the net from the left-wing boards, and the puck was deflected into the net with 1:34 to play in the period. Max Lajeunesse was credited with the goal, his third of the year, with the other assist going to Tyler Riendeau. After two periods, the score was tied 1-1. Keene led the shot margin 24-12 through two periods.

The third period featured even more intensity, more hitting, and more shots from Keene. There would be just three penalties called in the period, but there probably could have been a dozen or more. Early in the period it was obvious that Keene was out for the win on home ice. Keene tried to hit everything that moved, some were good hits, some were perfect visuals of how certain penalties should be called, like contact to the head, along the glass to Goffstown’s Sebastian Beal who only played another shift or two after showing symptoms of a concussion. Then there was the perfect example of how charging would be defined if you were teaching someone what to look for when a Keene player took five or six strides from the middle of the ice to try to bury Kainen Lassonde along the boards. But in this period, those things weren’t called. Later in the period which was dominated by Keene, after a hold, a hook, some interference, and maybe even some wrestling moves between players on both sides, the puck came out high to Keene’s Gaetano Delonge. Delonge delivered a perfect wrist shot just above Colin Holt’s left pad, and Keene led 2-1 with just 1:26 to play. The Grizzlies would pull Holt for the extra attacker with 1:11 to play after an icing call on Keene. The Grizzlies would make some good plays but either try to stickhandle once too many times, or pass up a shot to try for a better shot, and get nothing to the net. The only recorded shot for the Grizzlies in the period came from Dylan Hyers who ripped a wrist shot that hit Ditkoff’s blocker before he even moved, but the shot bounded away from harm for the Blackbirds. Final score would read 2-1 in favor of Keene. They outshot Goffstown 37-13 in the game. They are the better team. This was a good road experience for the Grizzlies to get under their belt, against one of the better teams in Division II. As I watched the way several of the Keene players screamed for some other reason than joy directly into the face masks of Grizzlie players after the final horn sounded, I thought of the upcoming Senior Night at the end of February when Keene visits Goffstown. Who knows what things will look like then.

The Grizzlies return to the ice for another road game on Monday (Martin Luther King Jr. Day) versus Oyster River, at the Whittemore Center on the campus of UNH. Game time is set for 4:30pm.