TSO – Symmetry and Chemistry

I went to see them for the first time in December 2000. I went to hear one song. 16 years later, and every year between, I have seen them, listened to all of their songs, seen all of their lights, embraced all of the emotions they stimulate, and I’ve had the pleasure to meet most of them.

Still every year, the show is absolutely incredible. The lights, the lasers, the sounds, all in perfect symmetry. The performers, the voices, the skills, the personalities, oh the chemistry. The depth of performance is simply unmatched in my experience. So, weeks after seeing them two different times in 2015, I am posting these final pictures from my experience with the music, the show, the band in 2015. I apologize for the inclusion of the big guy with a flannel or a sweatshirt and beard in some of these photos. Enjoy!

TSO-visuals-NH112815.jpgTSO-symmetry2-NH112815.jpgTSO-stage-presence-NH112815.jpgThe-incomparable-Rob-Evan-NH112815.jpgStrength-in-numbers-NH112815.jpgTell-me-a-story-Bryan-NH112815.jpgSir-Russell-NH112815.jpgDavid-Z-and-I-photobombed-by-Roddy.jpgChris-and-I-NH-112815.jpg Chris is the best!Russell-and-I-NH112815.jpg Russell is the man!20151217_225900.jpg20151217_230006.jpg


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