Trans-Siberian Orchestra East 2015 II

Here are 10 more photos from the Manchester, NH show on November 28th.

This year, I was fortunate enough to get to the Boston show too. I haven’t even looked at those photos yet. Every time I go back to these pictures from Manchester, I just can’t wait to see these folks again, and to get lost in each and every spectacular moment found in each show.

If you know me, you know that TSO, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, has become synonymous with my Christmas season over the years. Maybe you have read one, several, or even, all, of the posts I have shared here regarding TSO over the last 4+ years. There have been many. Maybe this is the first time you’ve seen anything from here. Either way, the group and I go way back; more than 16 years back.

Here’s a little something that I shared from the past There in Every Show. Check it out.

In this post I share some photos from the evening show in Manchester, NH on November 28, 2015. I was 9 rows from the stage with my three oldest kids, ages 23, 22, and 19. These shows are a constant for me, and for my family. Once again, we waited with anticipation and were thrilled with the experience. Enjoy my attempt at photography with a cell phone from the general population.



If you are still with me here, check out this post from last year. TSO 2014.

I will be adding more posts with pictures from the TSO concert in Manchester, NH throughout the month of December. Merry Christmas. Enjoy.

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