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GHS Hockey: Central HS 2 @ GHS 1 (OT)

St. Anselm College, Sullivan Arena, Goffstown, NH –

I suppose it must start somewhere, and as far as ‘keeping track’ goes, the 2015-16 Varsity Ice Hockey Season started tonight for Goffstown High School with a scrimmage versus Division I opponent, Central High School (Manchester). Actually Goffstown HS Hockey started on the ice at 5:30am last Monday morning, but tonight there was another team lined up against the Grizzlies.

Before we get to the game action, let’s meet the 2015-16 Goffstown Grizzlies (NHIAA Division II) players and coaching staff.

1 Colin Holt G Sr

5 Griffin Cook F Fr

6 Ben Roy F Sr

7 Alex McCarthy F Fr

8 Tyler Riendeau F Jr

9 Dylan Hyers D Jr

10 Max Lajeunesse F So

11 Jake Noonan D Fr

12 Mike Fortin D So

14 Kainen Lassonde F So

16 Nick Nault * D Jr

17 Sebastian Beal F Fr

18 Noah Charron F So

19 Sam Greenwood * F Sr

20 Stephen Provencher F Fr

21 Colin Burke D Fr

22 Brett Lassonde D Fr

* Captains

** Assistant Captain

Head Coach- Ben Slocum

Asst. Coach- Shane Tufts

Asst. Coach- John Nanof

Off-Ice Conditioning- Brian Bourque

Yes, that’s right, 3 Senior’s and 7 Freshmen.

Anyways, to the game. It took just 50 seconds of game time to require something be written on the game sheet. The first shot on goal in the game was a goal for Central High School. At 14:10 of the first period, Cody Lappas scored on a pass from Logan Pacheco, and Goffstown trailed 1-0. As the period would wind down, Central missed a couple of point-blank scoring chances where their shots just plain missed the net. The period would end with Central leading 1-0 on the scoreboard, and holding a 10-6 lead in shots on goal as well. Sam Greenwood took the only GHS penalty of the period on a tripping call. Central was whistled for two penalties, Stephen Langley was called for a minor of head contact, and Jack Compos was called for hooking.

Okay, realistically, the second period went by about as quickly as a period could go. There were no goals. There was one penalty to Dylan Hyers (GHS) for interference. There was also not much to see. The period was pretty sloppy really, or at least it lacked any sort of continuity. Goffstown mustered one shot on goal, while Central managed only 3 shots themselves. After two periods, Central 1; Goffstown 0.

The third period was much better. At 11:28 of the period, Sam Greenwood (GHS) scored an unassisted goal to tie the game at 1 for Goffstown. Greenwood’s goal came just 7 seconds after a Goffstown power play had ended. While the Grizzlies still held possession of the puck in the offensive end, they capitalized with the game-tying goal at even strength. The penalty called on Central had been a tripping call on Brendan Courtney. The overall play flowed much better for both teams throughout the final period. Regulation time would end with the score tied 1-1. In the 3rd period Central had 7 shots on goal, while the Grizzlies had 5 shots.

Quickly, the coaches and officials decided that the game would continue with a 5:00 overtime of 4-on-4 hockey to decide the outcome. The overtime play was crisp, and Goffstown had the better chances early on. Getting 3 shots on goal in the first minute. Then, at 3:31 of the overtime, Stephen Langley (CHS) scored on a wrist shot assisted by Nathan Potvin and Dakodah Currier to win it for Central High School. Final score: Central HS (Manchester) 2, Goffstown HS 1 (OT). Central goaltender Mathieu Cislak finished with 14 saves on 15 shots, earning the overtime win. Colin Holt stopped 19 of 21 shots for the Grizzlies.

Goffstown will play their second pre-season scrimmage on Wednesday night (Dec. 9) at 7:30pm against another Division I opponent in Trinity High School (Manchester). The game will be at St. Anselm College, Sullivan Arena, Goffstown, NH, with Trinity HS as the home team.

Honoring her December birthday

Well, it’s December 6th. Another December date that I remember a loved one on their birthday. I have so many friends and family with birthdays in December. This morning though, I remember my Aunt Janette. Below, I have shared a poem that I wrote in honor of my aunt. She was a beautiful person, inside and out. I was fortunate enough to have a relationship with her right from the time I was born. Last night when I looked at my calendar, and I let the date register with me, I stopped and I thought about my wonderful aunt. She is still very much missed and I cannot wait to see her again, one day, in heaven. This morning, I remember her, and I share this poem I wrote a few years ago.

I wrote this poem the morning after my Aunt Janette went to see our Lord. I woke up on Saturday morning and had these words in my mind, waiting to be written. So I sat and I wrote them.

Then on Thursday of this week, I decided to see if I could find the pictures we took at Uncle Lloyd and Aunt Janette’s farm last July. I opened the folder on my computer and I burst in to tears. Because, there she was, my beautiful Aunt Janette, right in front of me. Furthermore, there were pictures of her holding the child’s hand, pictures of her lifting the frail to new heights, and pictures of her happy, healthy, and completely at ease in her element. So I decided to pull a few pictures and put them into a post here including the poem. I took some of these pictures and my daughter Erin took some too.

Where’s that woman who used to embody farm?
She would work and still pull off that striking charm
There’s an empty spot in the garden over there
 A place vacated by the mother with golden hair
Aunt Janette leads Jacqueline up to see the calves.

Aunt Janette leads Jacqueline up to see the calves.

Can I walk for a while where she would tread?
O’er the grounds many visitors she had led
That child’s hand isn’t held walking next to us
It would’ve been by the girl who grew up in Texas
This is how I remember my Aunt Janette. Strong enough to walk alone, but always looking to see who else might benefit from a little help.

This is how I remember my Aunt Janette. Strong enough to walk alone, but always looking to see who else might benefit from a little help.

May I enter her home and just sit for a while?
I can smell the bread and still see the smile
The room is full but something’s out-of-place
There’s a smile missing, absent, a friendly face
With a little boost from Aunt Janette, the frail could fly.

With a little boost from Aunt Janette, the frail could fly.

Can I say a little something to remember her by?
How she’d reach for the frail and let them fly
There are stories shared, each must be told
Recalling the wife that never did look old
Always happy to see us, my Aunt Janette, and my two daughters, Jacqueline and Erin. 7-25-2012.

Always happy to see us, my Aunt Janette, and my two daughters, Jacqueline and Erin. 7-25-2012.

Is it just me or is there happiness found here?
“…there am I in the midst…”; He is near
Gathered there is strength, and even more love
Missing here, we need only smile and look above