TSO – Chris Caffery Friday

I heard that today is Chris Caffery Friday. It just so happens that I have a few photos of Chris from this year’s show. Here are a few pictures of Chris from the Manchester, NH show on November 28th.

Chris first became known to me in December of 2000, at my very first TSO show in Albany, NY. I enjoyed his interaction with the band as well as with the crowd. I loved listening to him play, while watching his noticeable enthusiasm to be there on stage, and all of these things are still true, 16 years later. It has truly been my pleasure.

Here’s a little something that I shared from the way, way back. The first time. Please have a look.

In this post I share some photos from the evening show in Manchester, NH on November 28, 2015. I was 9 rows from the stage with my three oldest kids, ages 23, 22, and 19. These shows are a constant for me, and for my family. Once again, we waited with anticipation and were thrilled with the experience. Enjoy my attempt at photography with a cell phone from the general population.

Chris and Billy II NH112815

1inawesomewonder (C)

Chris and Billy NH112815

1inawesomewonder (C)

Chris center NH112815

1inawesomewonder (C)

Chris leading NH112815

1inawesomewonder (C)

Chris lit up NH112815

1inawesomewonder (C)












If you are still with me here, check out this post from last year. TSO 2014.

I will be adding more posts with pictures from the TSO concert in Manchester, NH throughout the month of December. Merry Christmas. Enjoy.

2 responses to “TSO – Chris Caffery Friday

  1. Loved your poem. When I hear Christmas eve in Sarajevo it stirs such a good emotional feeling each time like no music ever has before. Ive only been seeing them for 6 years and hope to hear them for as long as they play. Thank you for posting this. I feel the same way.

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