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Trans-Siberian Orchestra East 2015

Here are 10 more photos from the Manchester, NH show on November 28th.

For the first time in 16 years of seeing Trans-Siberian Orchestra in concert, I actually took a lot of pictures at the show this year. I usually take some pictures, but not too many. Maybe this year, because I have a ‘newer, smarter’ phone, I thought I would take more pictures, I don’t know. The pictures aren’t of the highest quality in my opinion, but I share none the less.

If you know me, you know that TSO, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, has become synonymous with my Christmas season over the years. Maybe you have read one, several, or even, all, of the posts I have shared here regarding TSO over the last 4+ years. There have been many. Maybe this is the first time you’ve seen anything from here. Either way, the group and I go way back; more than 16 years back.

Here’s a little something that I shared from the past There in Every Show. Check it out.

In this post I share some photos from the evening show in Manchester, NH on November 28, 2015. I was 9 rows from the stage with my three oldest kids, ages 23, 22, and 19. These shows are a constant for me, and for my family. Once again, we waited with anticipation and were thrilled with the experience. Enjoy my attempt at photography with a cell phone from the general population.

Chris-and-Jeff-on-fire-NH112815.jpgThe Man himselfBill-Hudson-NH112815.jpgBill-can-bring-it-NH112815.jpgBill-and-Roddy-NH112815.jpgAnother-incredible-show-NH112815.jpgAnd-Georgia-she-can-sing-too-NH112815.jpgIn the shadows, Rock GoddessRoddy3-NH112815.jpgRoddy2-NH112815.jpg













If you are still with me here, check out this post from last year. TSO 2014.

I will be adding more posts with pictures from the TSO concert in Manchester, NH throughout the month of December. Merry Christmas. Enjoy.