Piscataquog Prize

This morning as I awoke, I noticed that the temperature was 13°F outside and the sun was still a few hours from rising. As I looked at my unfinished blog posts (of which, I have way too many) I noticed this one with some bright sunshine. I am not a big fun in the sun and beach guy, so here’s my warmer weather post from this fall, on the river, with the foliage, when it was mild, but not hot.

Back in the first week of November I took a stroll off of the beaten path along the Piscataquog River in Goffstown. I thoroughly enjoyed this walk/hike on a beautiful fall day. As always, I wish I could have walked this area some 200-300 years ago to see it as it was then. I think I’d like to canoe through these parts the next time I pass by this section of river. Enjoy!

Piscataquog 1

Piscataquog 2

Piscataquog 3

Piscataquog 4






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