Daily Archives: November 6, 2015

Piscataquog Prize

This morning as I awoke, I noticed that the temperature was 13°F outside and the sun was still a few hours from rising. As I looked at my unfinished blog posts (of which, I have way too many) I noticed this one with some bright sunshine. I am not a big fun in the sun and beach guy, so here’s my warmer weather post from this fall, on the river, with the foliage, when it was mild, but not hot.

Back in the first week of November I took a stroll off of the beaten path along the Piscataquog River in Goffstown. I thoroughly enjoyed this walk/hike on a beautiful fall day. As always, I wish I could have walked this area some 200-300 years ago to see it as it was then. I think I’d like to canoe through these parts the next time I pass by this section of river. Enjoy!

Piscataquog 1

Piscataquog 2

Piscataquog 3

Piscataquog 4






Smaller World


Sometimes, actually, often times I stop and think about how much we impact other people’s lives. In this case I take my mind back in time to recall, and to feel again as I felt before. To capture thoughts, memories, and feelings from a distant life I lived.

Once upon a time we persevere through our daily lives to show up at some place of work. We have our lives, our families, our schedules, our stuff. Yet, we show up and do our jobs day after day. Each of those days we interact with others. Others who are not wholly different from ourselves. Others who bring their own version of diversity to the workplace each day.

Hour upon hour, shift by shift, week by week, we allow our lives to be impacted in some way by these others while we have the same effect on them. Some we know better, beyond the layers on the outside. Some we know only by what we see. Either way, there is impact on one another.

Jobs change. Careers run in all directions. And dreams take us on countless pursuits. Then maybe the little world we knew for all of those hours, shifts, weeks, and more; where any of us could have been dinner time conversational fodder at home for any one of our post-work meals; it all changes. What doesn’t change though, is the effect we had, felt, and shared.

We came together to get a job done while pursuing our own lives. We overlapped only as we allowed. And that was good. As it should be.

Then one who was near and dear for so many hours a week. One you shared work-space with for so many weeks over so many years. One is gone. Sadly, this one left this huge, intimidating world. Saddened even more deeply by this loss, this one who left us was as much a part of our closed in, working comfortably, space that we all helped create. This one punched their ticket everyday, as we all did, working toward a common goal along side each of us.

And then it hits you; hits you hard. Sitting here wishing there was one more chance to talk, to listen, to impact, to be. That small work world that we once shared has yet smaller become. Even though that work-time and work-setting had long since disappeared, the characters from that story still had the memories and friendships to share with one another on a whim. Now we have lost this one. The cast is smaller. Our little world is smaller. The huge world is now a smaller world. Today I’m deeply saddened to know that we lost this one.