Daily Archives: September 24, 2015

Quick Thought: Return to the Wild

A tribute of sorts. Or, certainly my look into the chains that bind us. Those that don’t understand how one can be touched or moved by these actions, may well be the ones that need to be moved the most.

There is hurt, and there is darkness all around us. There are boundaries that constrict us. Often times, we have played a role in constructing the barriers that bound us. Sometimes though, these obstacles are willed upon us, or even arranged as such, while the creators search in vain for the inner calm that their own souls are unable to attain on their own.

Then, there is peace. There is clarity. There is freedom where the stream of consciousness flows unabated and peace with all things internal is reached. This place where the creators of turmoil and strife, these harborers of control; they have no understanding of the separation sought by those longing to be at peace. For they are the creators of the barriers they don’t recognize, yet they deem so necessary.

When there is peace, there is also the opportunity for progress. Progress, the promise of moving in a direction, yet never down the same road traveled to reach this place. To me, this, in and of itself, is another meaning of return to the wild. Return to the innate. Sometimes I think we’d all be better off if we could return to the times before we learned, to the times when we were natural, only as God had made us.