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Sweet Reunion

NB Sky

Looking North and West from Judy Hill in New Brunswick. Charleston Road.






Sometimes when I least expect it a moment is pulled from the normal and sets itself apart. That happened to me last Thursday when I ran into some old friends. It was an impromptu meeting that left me overjoyed to have a few minutes of interaction with them again after many years of being caught up in our own lives and the places our lives take us. I am thankful for those minutes, for those people, and for the mutual feelings we have for one another that were quite apparent last Thursday. It was a sweet reunion of sorts for certain.

NB Sky 2

Lots of sky looking from the St. Thomas Road in New Brunswick.




Then there are my trips to Canada, to New Brunswick. Those trips always include sweet reunions, usually several. This trip certainly didn’t disappoint.

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Love this spot


I love being out here.

One of my favorite places.

In Plain Sight

I probably watch more TV than I would admit to. Primarily I watch my beloved Red Sox, and then shows on history, wildlife, survival, and a few DIY types now and again. Recently, as I have written here, I have found, and thoroughly enjoy, The Last Alaskans. One review I read on this show used a word to describe this show, that I would also use, intoxicating.

My schedule keeps me quite busy and I don’t always find myself settled in front of the TV on Sunday nights. Thankfully I can record the show and watch it when my schedule allows. Honestly, I can sit down and feel myself relax when I hear the opening music to the show, and I wait to see what these characters will reveal this week. Continue reading

Flag Day

Everywhere I go in these United States I feel a little better when I see our flag on display. She really is a grand ole flag. It’s beautiful. It’s sharp. It’s symmetrical. It carries meaning. It demands respect as countless souls have battled just to see it wave yet another day. Our flag has been the star that thousands have wished upon while in some foreign land. Our flag has been, and still is, the sign of hope, the welcome sight representing opportunity. If only more Americans would live each day recognizing that opportunity. If each of us had gone to battle ‘neath her I dare say our resolve would be unwavering and our respect would only be measured by the sincere gratitude we would have for our way of life.

As I drive around with our two-year old twins, we look for American flags. They spot them before I do sometimes. They know our flag. They know stars. They know stripes. They too will respect and care for our flag.

Read the stories of why, where, and when Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner. Read the stories about our service men and women whose hopes and fears were directly relative to whether or not they could see our flag. Pause at least for a moment and take in the beauty of our flag. Pledge allegiance to the flag. Say the pledge and know what you mean when the words are spoken. I thoroughly enjoy Red Skelton’s version of our Pledge of Allegiance. I had to put this link and reference in here because this is language use and audible respect as it should be.

It’s Flag Day. Notice. Understand. Respect. Be thankful. Think outside of yourself and the world you occupy daily, and recognize the devotion and effort it has taken just so we could see this beautiful flag wave in all it’s freedom. Enjoy.

Where Words Take Me

Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean. – John Muir quoted by Samuel Hall Young in Alaska Days with John Muir (1915) chapter 7
God never made an ugly landscape. All that the sun shines on is beautiful, so long as it is wild.” ~ John Muir
John Muir is on my list of people I would like to have spent time with. Perhaps the only thing more beautiful than his energetic, artistically descriptive words were the scenes he gazed upon. I long for the times I can wander the hills, mountains, and streams to “wash my spirit clean”, and I do.

A view of Eldorado National Forest from Route 50

A view of Eldorado National Forest from Route 50

To me, it’s still THE Game

The other night Albert Pujols hit career home run number 536 to tie Mickey Mantle for 16th on MLB’s All-Time Home Run List. This is quite the accomplishment as Pujols continues his Hall-Of-Fame level career. I am not sure how many baseball fans noticed this feat. I am certain that regardless of how many home runs Albert Pujols hits, he won’t be remembered like Mantle still is, and that’s not his fault.

Albert Pujols ties The Mick on the All-Time HR List

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My little girl

Sometimes a path seems too familiar to be different from one I have seen before.



Words, they come with time, I pray between
Too much I remember from the places I’ve seen
Silence fills the space, light is driven from this place
A picture painted by the shadows in her face…”


The room I enter proves that she’s still here
Confused and spent, I smile, happy to see her
That’s my little girl curled up, barely awake
I sit, I wonder, if she’ll apply all that it takes
I know she knows, it’s been instilled from day one
But like the saying goes, easier said than done
I might even say that’s me, lying silently near my chair
Peace, calm, and content mask the inner despair
Those eyes are so familiar now as I stare
My own blood runs through those veins there
I’ve seen the lines on those hands somewhere before
My palms turned up seeking answers too hard to ignore
The profile is the same as the one I’ve seen for years
My mirror reflects it when I hide there from my fears
Traits so familiar as if they were my very…

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