Impressions Too

Waltzing through this life, our steps take us nearly everywhere.
Traces linger, and impressions we make, may still be there.

Time passes, a billion thoughts separate now from actions past.
Do we take accountability for the traces left as time flew fast?

Have we reaped yet what it was we sowed in our ignorant ways?
Have we addressed the ones who still hang on those yesterdays?

Reasons we don’t always understand put us in life’s places.
Did we even know the effect we left on those distant faces?

God knows, regardless of the tracks we covered here.
Was it just about the front? To us we hoped to endear?

Impressions, a mark produced by pressure, an effect on feelings.
Have we checked ourselves to ensure no more are reeling?

Watch our steps, guard our words, notice our own impressions.
Was it misguided expressions that led to the needed confessions?

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