Daily Archives: March 13, 2015

Positive Priority

If you find yourself making decisions for yourself and for your families, think about this. If you are making decisions to be around people and influences because you feel you have to, reconsider. Sometimes we find ourselves spending time or prioritizing time with folks we are “supposed” to hang out with. When in actuality, that’s up to us, and we choose where we spend our time. We choose where we are truly welcome for who we are. We choose to be in the places where love, generosity, true friendship, and open-minded, positive results are found. If you find yourself spending time in places that are not fulfilling, or places that don’t align with your happy, creative state because you are “supposed” to give these places your time, then consider this definition of “supposed”: generally assumed to be the case. Maybe it’s time to generally assume that places where you find positive thinking, unconditional love, the giving of ones resources for another, and genuine gratitude are the places you should be spending your time and energy.

For, where there is love and positive-minded outlook, there also should be your priority. As, where there is negativity and critical manipulation, there also should be your absence.