Daily Archives: January 3, 2015

Another Use For Our Christmas Tree

This afternoon I spent three or so hours outside. It was cold I suppose, it did get up to 24 (F) degrees though. My first goal was to repurpose our Christmas tree which I put outside yesterday. Actually, before I spent any time on the tree I started a fire in the fire pit because I knew there was a chance I’d get chilled. Then I set the tree the way I wanted it, leaning against the oak stumps.

Next I went to our freezer and retrieved the home made suet I made from left over fat from a large ham we had several months ago. I used a bag that formally held some Clementines and placed the suet in the netted bag. Now the suet hangs from the old tree as the tree leans against and old stump. The idea being that the suet will provide food for birds that may otherwise be hard pressed to find food during the winter months.


The fire was warm and helped to take some of the chill out of me

Then the tree itself, it’s needled branches, and the cavity of space along the ground, beneath the lean, will create some shelter for some smaller birds as well. I look forward to seeing some birds out there soon.