NH Avalanche 2000 Weekend November 15-16

This weekend the NH Avalanche 2000 team had a pretty full weekend playing two games on Saturday and another game Sunday morning. All three games were played at The Ice Den Arena in Hooksett, NH.

I am going to approach this recap a little bit differently I think. I am just going to list the results and then write about some points from the games and see how that goes.

Greater Boston Vipers 4
NH Avalanche 2000 2


Manchester Flames 6
NH Avalanche 2000 1


Boston Advantage 00 White 7
NH Avalanche 2000 2 

Now, with respect to full disclosure, I did have reservations about writing this recap for a couple of different reasons. One, I did have parents ask me how to put a positive spin on these games, or to, maybe, forget some of these games. Also, my Mom always said, “If you don’t have something nice to say…”.

Anyway, here we are. There’s always something positive to find. The glass is half full.

I am a coach, not a hockey coach, but still a coach. I have coached and/or instructed kids from the age of 6 or 7 all the way through to college athletes in their 20’s. I am also a parent, six times over. I know my critical mind from coaching or from parenting, or from both, sometimes leads my thought pattern to a negative, critical place. I am guessing others get there too. Self talk: Again, I am keeping this glass half full.

I am going to do this alphabetically because, well because that’s how I am going to do it.

Sebastian Beal got on the score sheet for the first time with a pair of assists over the weekend. He went to the net while playing forward and tried to back check consistently as well. He assisted on goals by line mates, Sullivan and Lajeunesse.

Spencer Burgess made some brilliant saves over the weekend. He had others that I am sure he would like to have back. I don’t think that is bad though, because part of developing is not just what others point out, but also what you learn about yourself. He played a great stretch against the Advantage that allowed the Avs to cut their deficit to two goals with chances to get even closer than that.

Gavin Cram also made some brilliant saves this weekend. He was positioned well many, many times. Just ask #4 from the Vipers how well he played. Gavin robbed #4 of sure goals no less than three times on rushes up the ice. One of which had the player celebrating his goal only to slam his stick to the ice when he realized Gavin had stoned him yet again.

Cade Facey may or may not have factored into the Avalanche results this weekend as he has been out of the lineup for a few weeks now with an injury. I will have to get a report from his parents as to whether he was a good kid at home this weekend. I am sure he was. The glass is half full.

Nicholas Gagne added an assist to his season point total over the weekend. Just like it is with the rest of the team, there are always moments of learning, or opportunities to develop. I saw with my own two eyes a message sent by the coaching staff, but more importantly, a message received by the player. I expect to see Nicholas as a regular on the score sheet going forward.

Sydney Herrington played consistently as she usually does. Not afraid to mix it up, she will go to the corners to get the puck and isn’t afraid to tangle while winning face-offs. She works hard to get the puck to right place on the ice at the right time.

Max Lajeunesse added a goal and an assist over the weekend. He also created several other scoring chances for himself and his teammates with his rushes up ice and offensive creativity. When he is at full effort he is difficult for defenders to contain. Max’s goal was on the power play, set up by consecutive passes from Beal and Sullivan.

Jonathon Last added an assist over the weekend as well. He did a nice job getting to the front of the net and trying to create some offensive structure, especially on the power play.

Christian Levesque added another goal to his season total over the weekend. His goal cut the Vipers lead to 3-2 in the 3rd period on a beautiful hockey play from Sullivan and Lajeunesse. He was right out front, and didn’t miss.

Caiden Paradise brought his physical game to the ice as he usually does. He worked hard to move players out of the goaltenders way. He also created numerous turnovers by separating his man from the puck in the open ice.

Michael Perry made his presence felt all over the ice. Sometimes he got away with it, sometimes he didn’t. He wasn’t afraid to get after players on any of the teams even if he lost some of those battles. He made some nice passes to get the breakout started as well.

Clay Sanders defended his end of the ice and looked to move the puck quickly in efforts to avoid, or beat, the fore-check of opponents. I am pretty sure that he helped his goaltenders on more than one occasion by sweeping loose pucks away from the crease and certain goals against.

Cody Sullivan had a nice offensive weekend. He’d probably say he could have done this or that better, but he got some nice results for his efforts alone, and with his line-mates. He factored in all five Avalanche goals over the weekend with 3 goals and 2 assists. In order, he scored an easy one on a beautiful set up from Last and Whiting. He assisted on the Levesque goal with Lajeunesse. He ripped a shot to the back of the net against the Flames, set up by Gagne. Then from no angle he roofed a backhand goal home after Beal had sent him up ice out of the defensive end. Then on the power play, Lajeunesse scored on feeds from Sullivan, Beal, and Paradise.

Tyler Whiting added an assist over the weekend when he helped set up Sullivan’s first goal of the weekend. He also worked hard to move the puck from the defensive end up to the forwards as part of the break out. Tyler created some time for himself, got some good looks up ice, and made some nice passes.

And, there you have it. That’s how I saw it, errr uh, wrote it.

If I have this correct, the Avs next play in Bedford, Mass. on Saturday morning before playing back at home on Sunday morning.

Thank you for following along.


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