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NH Avalanche 2000 Weekend November 15-16

This weekend the NH Avalanche 2000 team had a pretty full weekend playing two games on Saturday and another game Sunday morning. All three games were played at The Ice Den Arena in Hooksett, NH.

I am going to approach this recap a little bit differently I think. I am just going to list the results and then write about some points from the games and see how that goes. Continue reading


The World Got it Right

I recently came across Caroline and her blog at Beautiful Life With Cancer. I don’t always agree with every word she writes, but mostly I do. She has an “in your face” style, and I love it. I enjoy reading her writing and the thoughts she shares here about Christmas are one version of my own thought pattern that I couldn’t have said better myself. I love Christmas every single year because of what it stands for, the real reason. Thank you for sharing this Caroline.

Beautiful Life with Cancer

The world got it right.  Macy’s got it right.  Walmart got it right.  Cracker Barrel got it right.  Santa Claus in the middle of the mall got it right.  And christians got it wrong.

Hold me back.  Hold me back.  OK!  I can’t wait any longer!  I have to talk about it!  Here it comes!  CHRISTMAS!

What?!  I thought this girl was a christian?  Walmart got Christmas right and christians got it wrong?!

It is the beginning of November, and already Christmas has begun to creep into retailing…weeks ago.  The local attractions have pulled out their Christmas lights, rows of ornaments suck in shoppers, and you may already hear a carol at the mall.  Christmas now lasts a full two months.  It is the biggest party of the year.

(Disclaimer:  I have only ever celebrated Christmas in the United States.  BUT I have studied some of the Christmas traditions of…

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Photography 101.

Who is this? What are they singing?

One of my all-time favorites.