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College Coaches Clinics – Eastern Connecticut State University

Since I am close to the folks and facility at Play the Game in Manchester, NH, I have decided to post this copy from the http://www.gottahittowin.com website to my blog. There are several more College Coaches Clinics coming up in November and December at Play the Game. If you know of a fast pitch Softball player who might be interested in attending one of the clinics, please contact Jim Cardello at jim@gottahittowin.com. Thank you.

Play The Game

We are extremely pleased to have Softball Head Coach at Eastern Connecticut State University, Diana Pepin, here at Play the Game in Manchester, NH on Saturday, November 8, 2014 from 9:00am-12:00pm. She will be leading a clinic in hitting and offense for Softball players ages 14 and up. This is a very special opportunity to receive instruction, observe practice planning, experience stations geared towards offensive development, and get a glimpse into the experienced mind of a 5-time Little East Conference Coach of the Year Award winner. I am not kidding when I tell you that spaces are limited, if available at all. The clinic is just $40 and I am sure this will be an experience not to be soon forgotten. Please feel free to contact Jim Cardello to see if there are any available spaces remaining in the first of our College Coaches Clinics.

We don’t have to…

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My Street

In the foreground you’ll see there’s a street sign warning drivers that the bridge will freeze before the roadway. Further back you see the guard rail that keeps things from falling off of the bridge. The street is called a road, and although there’s no traffic on the road in the picture, I did have to wait on several cars to pass before I stepped out and took the picture. This section of road is near my house. The road is pretty busy considering I live in a small town, on a road that I would call a paved country road.

If you look hard enough, far enough, you will see a stop sign that is part of a four-way stop intersection. Beyond that you can see the road climbs out of sight. That hill ultimately rises another 150 feet or so in elevation higher than where I stood to take the picture. The bridge spans a short river (roughly 11.5 miles long) known as Black Brook. I have found printed information that mentions Black Brook as far back as the early 1700’s when Native American Indians lived throughout this small river valley.

For now, though, this is my street. I travel this road nearly every single day. Some days I am fortunate enough to never leave my home or even venture down to my street. To be honest, I think I would just as soon have lived on this street back in the 1700’s or 1800’s even as much as I enjoy it in the present. Either way, I must say, I do really like my street, and the spot we occupy along its way.

My street



Following along on a Photo Blogging class, I have posted here, a photo that means “home” to me.

Home in Winter

Home in Winter


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