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Photography 101.

For 15 consecutive years my visit(s) with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra have created too many ‘moments‘ to remember each and every one of them. Every year, I long for the time to stand still so I can sit, watch, enjoy, soak it in, and listen to the best shows I have ever seen. I thought a simple photo taken on my phone last night might serve as a good photo to capture a moment.

TSO at the Verizon Wireless Arena 11-29-14. From Section 202, Row F.

TSO at the Verizon Wireless Arena 11-29-14. From Section 202, Row F.



Photography 101.

This is simple architecture, but I kind of like it.

This display at the Aviation Museum of New Hampshire looks perfect against the late afternoon sky.

This display at the Aviation Museum of New Hampshire looks perfect against the late afternoon sky.

NH Avalanche 2000 – Turkey Tournament 1

Friday night the NH Avalanche 2000 team opened play in the Turkey Tournament 2014. The Avs drew a familiar opponent in the Seacoast Spartans. The game was played at the beautiful facility on the campus of The Governor’s Academy. The game started just after 9:30pm and most of us were unsure as to what we would see from the team, playing at such a late hour. I think you will see, we were pleasantly surprised.

The game opened with the Spartans winning the face off, for a second. Then Cody Sullivan stole the puck and pushed it over to Max Lajeunesse. Max skated in and scored a goal by banking a shot off of the side of the goaltender and into the net. A few minutes later, Max created a scoring chance with Sydney Herrington who let a shot fly, beat the goaltender, but saw the puck ring the post and stay out of the net. Then it was Sullivan demonstrating his skills at thievery again when he robbed a defenseman of the puck, walked in, faked forehand, and slid a nice backhand shot past the sprawled goaltender, giving the Avs a 2-0 lead. At the 4:00 mark the Avs were caught in an ill timed line change and gave up an odd man rush. Thankfully for the Avs, Spencer Burgess was there to make a key save and keep the score at 2-0. Two minutes later, one of the Spartans Elite call-downs rang a slapper off of the outside of the far post and the puck caromed innocently to the corner.

The second period saw the Spartans get a goal and cut the lead to 2-1. The Spartans clearly had the upper hand in the middle period but the stanza would end with the Avs still holding on to a 2-1 lead.

With 7:40 left in the third period an Avs defender fell down, and goaltender Spencer Burgess made a huge save on the resulting 2-on-1. Minutes later Sebastian Beal misplayed the puck into his own skates but knowing roughly where his teammate was, he spun, and threw a blind, backhand pass to the middle of the ice right onto Lajeunesse’s stick, in full stride. Max skated in alone and scored giving the Avs a 3-1 lead with just 5:34 to play. The Spartans opened the gates and started taking more chances. With 1:30 left in the game they pulled their goaltender in favor of an extra attacker. The gamble paid off as the Spartans scored with 0:48 left to make the score 3-2. Then, under heavy pressure, the Avs got the puck out of their own end when Cody Sullivan shoveled the puck out of the zone. Max Lajeunesse scooped it up and carried the puck wide and then tickled the empty net twine with just 0:00.6 left on the clock. The Avs won game one, 4-2. Mike Perry, Jon Last, Caiden Paradise, Tyler Whiting, Clay Sanders, and Christian Levesque all contributed to the victory by playing team defense, making good decisions with the puck, and constantly getting pucks deep.

Family Parade

The sun dropped beneath the peaks while we were inside.
The meal was good, we laughed til we nearly cried.
Upon our return to the lit street aglow this night.
I took in the scent of wood fire and a sliver of moonlight.
But what I noticed the most, the piece I’d not trade,
Was the chatter and laughter we shared, a family parade. 

NH Avalanche 2000 vs. Assabet Valley Patriots – Ice Den 2

Less than 24 hours after their first victory of the season the NH Avalanche 2000 team was back on home ice against the Assabet Valley Patriots. Just three weeks ago these teams met at the Ice Den Arena in a contest that resulted in a 5-2 win for the visiting Patriots. That game, as I saw it, was a battle of wills and the Patriots got the better of it. Today was different, although the result was another loss to the Patriots.

Today the Avs opened up a little bit shaky and the Patriots took advantage by piling up some early offensive zone possession time. That didn’t last too long and the balance of the period was played pretty evenly. After one period of play there was no score in the game and only one minor penalty had been called along the way.

In the second period not much changed really except that the Patriots made the Avs pay for every little mistake; Immediately. Over a span of 11:07 in the middle period, the Patriots scored FIVE even strength goals on just 6 shots. Patriot forward, #17, Maxwell Ray scored the first four goals on consecutive shots. #81 for the Patriots, Daniel Desmarais, assisted on all four of those goals, and ended up with one goal and five assists in the contest. Before the period ended, the Avs did get a goal when Sebastian Beal started a play out of nothing by throwing a shot at net which hit the goalie’s pad and the side of the net, but the puck bounced out to Cody Sullivan who followed with his own shot. That shot was saved but the rebound was quickly pounced on by Max Lajeunesse who rifled it home. The goal was the fifth goal this line combination had scored in just two and a half games. The period would end with the Patriots firmly in control, 5-1.

The visitors scored a power play goal early in the third period, taking a 6-1 lead and it looked like the Avs might skate out the balance of the game and just mail it in. However, one of the endearing things about this Avs team has been their willingness to work hard, to try, and not give up. Moments later Sydney Herrington created a great scoring chance with a beautiful move just outside of the crease. She didn’t score but Michael Perry gathered the rebound, paused nicely to gather the puck and improve his angle, then ripped a shot into the net. The Patriots would score one more time and lead 7-2 for the rest of the game. The Avalanche did play hard down the stretch and actually had several chances with good puck possession. I didn’t track all of the shots taken in the game by both sides, but I would be willing to bet that the shots ratio was a whole lot closer than the goals scored ratio. It was one of those days where mistakes were turned into goals in the blink of an eye. And if you blinked at the right time and watched the balance of the game you’d never have felt like the score was that lopsided.

The Avalanche return to action on Friday night the 28th in the Turkey Tournament. Their first game is scheduled to start at 6:30pm Pacific Time, that’s a 9:30pm start here in the East, at Governor’s Academy. Then they’ll play two games on Saturday, at Dover and UNH respectively.

Finally, Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Remember, we all have a lot to be thankful for, including tremendous kids.


NH Avalanche 2000 @ East Coast Wizards – The EDGE Sports Center

I don’t know if this is similar or not but I am going to make a small correlation between writing and youth hockey. When I sit down at my keyboard to write, I often times do not know exactly what is going to be written once I start typing. Similarly, in my mind, I, maybe we, do not know what I am going to see when our NH Avalanche 2000 team takes to the ice.

Yesterday the Avs traveled to Bedford, Mass. for a game at The EDGE Sports Center against the East Coast Wizards. What resulted was a well played game where players played individually well, but as a unit they played together even better. The effort was excellent and once they got their legs going a few minutes into the contest, the game was most certainly on.

The Avs scored first when Tyler Whiting took a big hit to make a pass out of his own end of the ice. The pass connected with Cody Sullivan who carried the puck up ice for a shot on net. The shot bounced off of the goaltender, hit his linemate, Sebastian Beal, in the shin pads, who played his own carom and smacked the puck into the net, giving the Avs a 1-0 lead. It was a nice goal and it gave the Avs some confidence, or so it seemed. Ultimately the first period would end with the Avalanche holding a 1-0 lead. Less than a minute into the second period goaltender Spencer Burgess gave up a goal on a shot that I am certain he would save 99 times out of 100. He wasn’t happy with himself, but we will hear more from him later.

The Avs would answer in a big way during the second period. First, on the power play, Max Lajeunesse scored on a rising wrister after some beautiful passing that saw all five Avs skaters touch the puck in succession before Max scored from Beal and Whiting. Sullivan and Caiden Paradise also made clean, crisp passes prior to the two assists handed out. A couple of minutes later Sebastian Beal and Max Lajeunesse (both from Goffstown) teamed up to score a goal during a two-on-three rush up ice. Beal flipped a pass/shot towards net that hit the goaltenders’ right pad just as Max arrived at that spot. The puck hit the pad, landed on the ice, and Max slid it home in an instant, 3-1 Avs.

Just 25 seconds before Max scored his second goal of the day, teammate, Tyler Whiting, had been injured at center ice and lying on the ice writhing in pain for several minutes. Thankfully, Whiting would return in the third period but this left a short bench even shorter for half of the middle period.

Sydney Herrington, Michael Perry, Clay Sanders, and Christian Levesque all stepped up, played in different positions and/or line combinations to cover for the injury and even later when Caiden Paradise was called for a trip. The entire team battled, created chances, drew penalties, and kept their cool. Perry, Herrington, and Levesque all had scoring chances during power play opportunities.

The Wizards would pull to within one goal in the third period when they scored after a seemingly endless frantic scrum in front of Burgess. But they would not score again. I mentioned that we would hear from Burgess again. Well here it is. With 6:29 showing on the clock Burgess came up LARGE. Coming out of their own end, the Avs turned the puck over at their own blue line, and a two-on-one resulted instantly. One neat pass later, it was a breakaway. Burgess, aggressive in his angles after gaining the 3-1 lead, came out, and made a brilliant save to protect the lead and save his team’s backside. Gavin Cram was present, dressed, and ready but was not called into relief duty for this game, but I’m sure he was cheering on Spencer’s goaltending heroics especially in the third period.

The Avs earned their first win on the ice this season. They played well together and had a fight in them, as a team, that was nice to see. They didn’t let emotions run away as shown in the penalties in minutes handed out. The Wizards took 35:30 in penalty minutes to just 4:30 taken by the Avs. I’m not saying the officiating was good, consistent, or even one-sided, but the emotional maturity shown by one team over the other was proportionately equal to the minutes handed out to the two teams.

It was a nice effort, and a great ‘first win’ of the season.


A Pop of Color

Photography 101.

I took this photo with my phone, an LG-D415. It’s not the best quality but with the dark colors of moist leaves, the greys of smoke and steam, and the time of day, I thought the glow of fire would work nicely here.

Color - Fire

A Pop of Color