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3 Goals for my Blog

I have decided to try to keep up with a new challenge in this Blogging world. I have joined Blogging 201, a virtual class offered by folks at WordPress to assist with all things Blogging. First assignment: Set three goals.

1) I write here because I have found that I enjoy it very much. There’s not much that helps clear my mind, or sift through thought to get to the right answers, more than when I can sit and write. So goal number one is to write more often and more consistently.

2) I enjoy the rhythm of rhymes. I write a fair amount of poetry and I haven’t a clue if it’s any good, but I love to think things through in the rhythm I find among the words that make pictures move. Believe it or not, goal number two is to continue writing poetry with an eye towards getting it published in the future.

3) Loving baseball as I do, and all things measured in the game from era to era, I also enjoy the measurements of Stats, Followers, Likes, etc. that are common in the world of Blogging. This means that goal number three is to double the number of my blog’s followers, and consistently reach at least 1,000 views each month. I would like to accomplish these things by April 1st, 2015.


What have we learned?

Just a thought that’s been careening through the empty caverns between my ears: we have access to more real time information than ever before and we know way too much, what have we learned?

To learn: gain or acquire knowledge of or skill in (something) by study, experience, or being taught.

Looking something up is not learning per se, but rather knowing where to get information. I challenge myself to learn more and rely less on the others whom have already learned.

Baseball Then and Now

For as long as I can remember, I have loved the game of baseball. I still do. I don’t just love the game play, but I love the strategy, the gamesmanship, the personal effect, the unwritten rules, and perhaps most of all, the measurement by which all eras can correlate with one another.

I watched last night as the San Francisco Giants punched their ticket to the World Series by ousting the St. Louis Cardinals in five wonderful games. (Yes, I watched the Bruins and the Patriots too. Sometimes technology is my friend.) During the series, and last night’s broadcast, history was made. Things that I love about the game like…SF Giants starting pitcher Madison Bumgarner joined Bob Gibson and Mike Mussina as the only pitchers ever to submit five consecutive playoff starts of at least seven innings with seven or fewer base-runners

Or perhaps it was the ties to history such as…the Giants advanced to the World Series by way of a walk-off home run for the first time since Bobby Thomson’s unforgettable ‘Shot Heard Round the World’ in 1951

Then there was the mention of Bumgarner and Carl Hubbell in the same sentence…Bumgarner is just the fourth Giant to toss at least seven innings in four straight postseason starts, the first since Carl Hubbell between 1933 and 1936

I know a lot of things are different about the game now than they were then. Then again, with each moment bigger than the last, a pitcher holds the ball while a batter waits. The battles are won and lost pitch by pitch. It’s a beautiful thing.


Protected: I Was Gone

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Time To Kill

Remember when having four hours to kill was just another glorious afternoon in an endless string of afternoons filled with thought, daydreams, and pursuit of either?

Face Value

Remember when face value was what you saw, and what you saw was real?