The Wanderer, A Response

This is a response to The Wanderer.

The Top 5 Places I would like to visit.

These are in no particular order, and the list will likely expand as I learn of more places that I have not been to as of yet.

1) Alaska – The last North American frontier as they say. Personally, I would like to travel and see enough of North America to make my own determination on what frontier does and does not exist. One’s own frontier

2) Yellowstone National Park – I am afraid I might never leave this place once I get there. If you believe some news outlets, this park might blow itself into smithereens, which will probably happen at some level, some time, but I want to see it first.

3) Yosemite National Park – I do think that the National Parks were a tremendous idea and I am thankful that this foresight saved some precious areas for generations to see. Actually, if I could see what John Muir and Teddy Roosevelt saw in their travels, I would not need this list.

4) Grasslands, The Plains – If I could be on horseback and wander the vast land masses that made up Comancheria (which extended from East NewMexico, across Texas, into Northern Mexico, Oklahoma,and Southern Arkansas) and the lands hunted and lived on by the Sioux I would be eternally grateful.

5) Lewis and Clark Trail – Ideally I could travel this trail two-hundred years ago and see everything as the Corps of Discovery saw them. This trip might take me several months, as I would love to explore everything along the way.


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