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Wooded Place

I wrote this because when I walk these woods my mind is at ease and thoughts flow more easily, carrying their own tune. This little story captures walks in those woods from my own real perspective. Upon seeing the picture, a request for some words came in, so I wrote this after noon.

Wooded Place


There’s a wooded place where I like to go
I walk this place even in rain and snow

The sounds of this place please my ears
Quiet, or wind, and birds that often appear

Sight lines here exist only from above
Effort required to see the beauty I love

There’s a trail but in places it’s hard to find
I don’t mind if I wander, so does my mind

Then I see some movement freezing my stride
Looking at the brush where grouse go to hide

Without warning a white-tail I barely could see
Bounds through the forest just as easy as could be

I moved slowly through soft, deep snow and growth
The workout was good but the silence I love most

The trail then opens and I glimpsed the sky
A pair of eagles in training caught my eye

The river nearby I spot ducks and a goose
Having left the bog where I’ve seen many a moose

Finishing the loop I see the dash of a bobtail
Gone in a flash I finish this loop of a trail

Returning to the lot where I parked the car
Reality rushed back where it had seemed so far


Colebrook Cabin Trip

Once in a while I am fortunate enough to “get away from it all” and escape to the north woods of NH. This weekend was one such time. For 30 or so hours I had a place to stay, no agenda, and the entire North Country to play in. It did rain and/or snow for the entire time I was up there but I tried to make the best use of this gifted time, which meant getting into the woods, even in the rain and snow.

I encountered more animals than I could get pictures of, including Deer, Turkeys, Ruffed Grouse, Canadian Geese, various Ducks, Bald Eagles, Hawks, Rabbits, and a Bobcat.

In my treks through the woods I only was on one trail and that was the Magalloway River Trail. The rest of the time I made my own trail through very thick brush and forest. It rained, it snowed, and everything in the forest was wet, including me. I also found myself knee-deep in snow several times, and on a couple of occasions I was in snow up to my belt buckle. Needless to say, I was soaked on both days I hiked.

Finally, after years of owning my camera, I finally tried out the timer function. I took some pictures of myself for the time, along Coon Brook in Pittsburg. I stacked several rocks in a pile, using the flat rocks on top to make my own camera stand. It seemed to work just fine.

A loon enjoys some of the open water on the Magalloway River

A loon enjoys some of the open water on the Magalloway River

Woods along the Magalloway River Trail

Woods along the Magalloway River Trail

A Common Merganser takes flight over a still forzen section of the Magalloway River

A Common Merganser takes flight over a still frozen section of the Magalloway River

Winter still holds on here, even in the last week of April

Winter still holds on here, even in the last week of April

The Mohawk River just west of where the West and East branches of the river meet

The Mohawk River just west of where the West and East branches of the river meet, just below the Colebrook Cabin

Lake Francis 4-27-14 (1700x315)

An early morning panorama of Lake Francis in Pittsburg

Lake Francis II 4-27-14  (1700x600)

Another look at Lake Francis in Pittsburg

011 (1700x1133)

Fresh snowfall is apparent while looking north on Route. 3 in Pittsburg

Third Connecticut Lake 4-27-14 (1700x320)

Third Connecticut Lake, 4-27-14

018 (1700x1133)

This wintry scene looks more like December than late April

019 (1700x1133)

Even staring right at me, it’s sometimes hard to find the moose in a picture

023 (1700x1133)

Moose close up, kind of

024 (1700x1133)

A remote section of Coon Brook which feeds into First Connecticut Lake

030 (1700x1133)

One of the widest, open sections I found along Coon Brook

031 (1700x1133)

There were several areas of knee-high to waist-high snow that I encountered while following Coon Brook

051 (1700x1133)

Yours truly, soaked and figuring out the timer on my camera, while a Ruffed Grouse making a minor disturbance grabbed my attention

069 (1700x1133)

Another moose along Moose Alley in Pittsburg

071 (1700x1133)

My moose friend comes in for a closer look

073 (1700x1133)

I thoroughly enjoyed my hike along Cascade Brook in Dixville Notch

074 (1700x1133)

More of Cascade Brook which cuts through some very rugged, untamed country

075 (1133x1700)

Some of the walls climb straight up 50 or more feet from Cascade Brook

Dixville Notch Streams

Flume Brook meets Cascade Brook, which then makes Clear Stream I believe

056 (1700x1133)

This is me sitting on a fallen tree that spans Coon Brook in Pittsburg, NH

The Wanderer, A Response

This is a response to The Wanderer.

The Top 5 Places I would like to visit.

These are in no particular order, and the list will likely expand as I learn of more places that I have not been to as of yet.

1) Alaska – The last North American frontier as they say. Personally, I would like to travel and see enough of North America to make my own determination on what frontier does and does not exist. One’s own frontier

2) Yellowstone National Park – I am afraid I might never leave this place once I get there. If you believe some news outlets, this park might blow itself into smithereens, which will probably happen at some level, some time, but I want to see it first.

3) Yosemite National Park – I do think that the National Parks were a tremendous idea and I am thankful that this foresight saved some precious areas for generations to see. Actually, if I could see what John Muir and Teddy Roosevelt saw in their travels, I would not need this list.

4) Grasslands, The Plains – If I could be on horseback and wander the vast land masses that made up Comancheria (which extended from East NewMexico, across Texas, into Northern Mexico, Oklahoma,and Southern Arkansas) and the lands hunted and lived on by the Sioux I would be eternally grateful.

5) Lewis and Clark Trail – Ideally I could travel this trail two-hundred years ago and see everything as the Corps of Discovery saw them. This trip might take me several months, as I would love to explore everything along the way.


Success and the P’s

Don’t let success obscure the need to proactively participate in the process of proper preparation. ~ SWB

Spring Break

It’s the morning of April 16th, and yes, we got a little more snow. In this case, spring has taken a small break. Some 36 hours before this snow blew in with wind gusts well above 30 MPH, the temperature was in the mid 70’s. It’s the northeast, weather changes dramatically and quickly, as it does in so many places. For today, the snow will melt, the sun will shine, the temperature might hit 45 degrees Fahrenheit, but tonight will drop into the mid 20’s. Hopefully the break from spring will be short, we will just have to wait and see.