Daily Archives: January 30, 2014

What’s on my mind?

Thanks to Facebook, I answer this question a lot, What’s on my mind? Usually I answer that question quietly, to myself. Since last night though, I have noted a few things that are wandering through my mind. No agenda, just thoughts. Boring? Probably, but it’s my blog so here I share.

What’s on my mind…between last night and this morning? Well, I was thinking about a few things, in no particular order…

1)         My parents are on my mind. How much did they think they knew about parenting when I was born and forced their hand?

2)         Did they ever search for a script on how to get through a day or night?

3)         Just as I am sure the sun rises everyday, I know I am prayed for by my parents every day, 46+ years and counting

4)         These words rattle in the space between my ears today…So I wrote these words, and I hope they last. For the years have come, and the years have passed. Think of all they gave, think of all the debt. But can’t find a way, to repay them yet…

5)         Does everyone have a band they relate to like I do with TSO?

6)         I wish I had learned to play a musical instrument

7)         Maybe someday I will learn to play guitar or the piano

8)         I miss skating on the Rideau Canal with my kids this winter

9)         I wish I had more time with all of my kids, at all of their ages, past and present

10)     I could have been so much better

11)     I am actually glad that I cannot post this stuff from my phone

12)     That’s not a dig Jim Cardello

13)     I really do get frustrated with the level of development, or lack thereof, among baseball players from Little League ages all the way into the college ranks

14)     Don’t hold a title, perform the job description

15)     If you don’t like the job description, redefine it (written word not necessary)

16)     There’s black and white, and there is grey, but there’s always right

17)     Don’t forget the chase in “dump and chase”

18)     I have the best people in the world all around me, and I need to hold my end of the bargain

19)     Imagine how much more we would respect and appreciate the land around us if we couldn’t drive or fly, and had to walk every inch of it

20)     Wouldn’t everyone be better for having been a part of a team that truly defined all that is team, at least once?

21)     Does anyone else scour Google Maps constantly just to look at various places in the world? I am always searching Alaska, Maine, Northern Ontario, and Montana

22)     I love teaching kids about our national pastime, even if nobody thinks it’s our pastime anymore

23)     Quality of life is what I measure jobs, titles, and salaries against because happily living each and every 24 hours is way more important than the other stuff

24)     Each day should give us enough time to just be alone with our thoughts for a time

25)     I once called in sick to work just so I could be outside and take 1,000 free throws on a public outdoor basketball court

26)     I made almost 900 of the 1,000 shots I took that day

27)     I can’t wait for the Olympics

28)     It’s cold, but I find enjoyment in all of the seasons

29)     Seeing my breath and feeling a chill to the bone reminds me that I am very much alive

30)     Being very much alive reminds me that I am blessed more times over than I could ever count

31)     I have a truly awesome wife

32)     My kids are incredible

33)     I can’t stand how much I/we rely on gas/oil/propane

34)     Moose are my favorite animal but I have always thought horses are absolutely beautiful

35)     I wish the open range was still open

36)     If only there was more time to make lists like this…